The App Drawer on MIUI 11 has also arrived for Global users | Download

Although the MIUI is one of the more complete and functional customized skins on the market, many users complain from the beginning about the lack of a particular feature. Let's talk aboutApp Drawer that up to MIUI 11 was absent and that, last November, it joined exclusively of Chinese ROM. So no more excuses for users overall that from today can definitively take advantage of this much desired option. Unfortunately, the time when it will be officially launched via an update is unknown, but we can solve the problem by downloading a simple APK.

How to have the App Drawer on MIUI 11 Global

To have the App Drawer on MIUI 11 of your smartphone just follow the following simple steps:

1. you must first download and install the latest one alpha build of MIUI system launcher: you can do it by clicking here via your smartphone;
2. once done, open the installation package and if the system asks you allow the source to proceed with the installation;

miui app drawer 11

3. after installing the build, go to the main screen of your smartphone and do long tap on the home screen

; after this you will have to select the lower right "Settings"And then go to"Home Screen"(As you can see in the photo below); once selected you will have to go up "With App Drawer" and confirm it as the default mode;

miui app drawer 11

4. Now you just have to customize it as you prefer swipe upwards to use it.

With this simple guide you should be able to customize the icons on the screen according to yours preferences. Obviously you can also customize the color, the categories of applications you want to view and the background. Let us know how you feel with this new setting that allows you to change theMIUI 11 App Drawer via the comments section below. As said, the final and official version has not yet been announced but we hope that it will arrive soon.

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11 months ago

It arrived today on February 14, 2020 in the BETA version, it won't be long before it also arrives in the Stable

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