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The Xiaomi Mi Health app updates again: it is now possible to monitor jumping rope

For some time we have been telling you about the various updates and improvements that sell the Mi Health app protagonist, such as the one that allows you to measure your pulse of our heart using the camera, as well as the flash of our smartphone, but also the one in which the possibility is given monitor some sports. Despite this, still few have proceeded to download the app, especially because many users rely on the various wearables that therefore allow you to do this and much more, even in a more accurate and reliable way.

So to incentivize the use of this app, just like on iOS devices, the company has from poco released a further update that integrates the possibility of monitoring rope jumping as a sport, a physical activity that, especially in this period of lockdown, is becoming increasingly popular among home sportsmen.

The Xiaomi Mi Health app updates again: it is now possible to monitor jumping rope

Mi Health

In particular, the new update of the Mi Health app arrives with version 2.11.6, adding the ability to monitor the jump rope, using the number of jumps performed as a metric, as well as additional data such as the exercise time. and calories burned. You may wonder how it is possible to recognize how many jumps we make with the rope without wearing the smartphone, thus putting it at risk from falls: well you must know, that the operation of this new function is guaranteed by the smartphone microphones, which will recognize the sound of the rope.

Therefore, to perform this sports monitoring, we should place the smartphone no more than one meter from us as well as preferably be in an environment poco Noisy. In this way the Mi Health app will record how much jumps we have made, thus also going to customize the activity through cycles, in order to perform different jumping sessions with dedicated rest times.

Personally we have not tried, but on the net the comments of those who have done it are positive, confirming that the number of jumps made corresponds to what is recorded by the Mi Health app. Well you just have to try, by downloading from the button below.

Xiaomi Mi Health 2.11.6


Emanuele Iafulla
Emanuele Iafulla

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