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Last chance to save from GeekMall: Robot vacuum cleaner still at Black Friday prices

Black Friday just ended but GeekMall, which offers 24 months of warranty and support in Italy, has extended its offers on many products, including the robot vacuum cleaner.

We report below some of the offers still valid on interesting products and which have achieved good sales success in this period.

Roidmi EVA for €567

ROIDMI EVA Robot Vacuum – ROIDMI Official Site
Roidmi EVA

Il Roidmi EVA is a concentrate of technology that adopts a LDS laser sensor for quick mapping of the house and recognition of obstacles. To this are added the classic anti-collision, anti-fall and for the carpet recognition on which the power will increase automatically.

It has a powerful engine that delivers a suction pressure of no less than 3.200Pa sufficient for an excellent result on all surfaces, including carpets and rugs.

Il washing, which takes place simultaneously with the vacuuming of the floors, is certainly one of the strong points of this product thanks to two spinning cloths up to 180 times per minute, guaranteeing decisive, homogeneous cleaning that is much superior to classic dragged cloths, both vibrating and not.

We can adjust the amount of water to send and even remove the cleaning cloths when we just want to vacuum. They are fixed thanks to a easy to disassemble magnet system which simplifies maintenance.

The charging base is a real formula one pit stop station:

  • Recharge the robot
  • Empty the powder from the canister
  • Wash the spinning clothes
  • Dry the spinning cloths

With the company Roidmi EVA not only will we be able to forget about the daily cleaning related to vacuuming and washing the floors, but also about the maintenance that on this product is reduced to a minimum.

Roidmi EVA is on offer for a few days at €567 using the discount code WT4YHFYC including fast shipping from Europe. Visit the offer page

iLife W400 for €109,99

iLife w400

THEILIFE W400 it is a powerful robot specifically designed for washing floors.

Thanks to the new cleaning system, the robot navigates the house with a pre-established path by passing the mop and removing the dirt. The mopping robot uses a fiber roller and performs wet cleaning. In particular, the clean water tank of this cleaning robot has a capacity of 0,85 litres. With one full tank, the robot cleans up to 30 m2. If full is not enough, you can pause the robot and refill the water tank. Afterwards, the robot continues cleaning where it stopped.

The ILIFE W400 floor cleaning robot has two water tanks: a 0,85 liter clean water tank and a 0,90 liter dirty water tank.

In addition, ILIFE's robot is equipped with TidalPower technology. This is a four-stage cleaning system: water is sprayed onto the floor to loosen stubborn stains. The floor is then scrubbed with a fiber roller. The dirty water is sucked up and stored in the dirty water tank. The remaining water is removed with a scraper.

Finally, the robot has a 2400mAh battery for cleaning about 50 square meters on a full charge.

ILIFE W400 is on offer for a few days at €109,99 using the discount code GEEKMALLBF10 including fast shipping from Europe. Visit the offer page

LIECTROUX C30B for €119,99


Small and mighty, LIECTROUX C30B it is a low-end 2in1 robot but with interesting features.

The large suction power of 6.000Pa is comparable or higher than even much more expensive products. You can vacuum any surface with excellent results, even carpets and rugs.

It is also a floor cleaning robot thanks to the integrated 350ml tank which controls the water supply that wets the cloth.

Thanks to the gyroscope and a specially designed algorithm, the robot orients itself in the house by memorizing the areas already cleaned to make sure nothing is left out.

In short, an essential robot but which lacks nothing.

LIECTROUX C30B is on offer for a few days at €109,99 using the discount code 2QNM3WK9 including fast shipping from Europe. Visit the offer page

Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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