The Xiaomi MiMoji are now available for all smartphones (Android 5.0 +)

It will seem absurd, but one of the features that make us dream of a top of the range like iPhone X or Samsung S9 + is something that in some ways may be stupid, but funny and unique in its kind. Let's talk about the famous Animoji, a kind of faces represented by cartoon characters, who follow the user's facial expression moving in a synchronized way mouth and eyes. It is therefore fun to create a video with a funny face, associating our voice, for example to wish good luck to our friend Mi Fans or to leave a smile to our grandson while preparing to enter the dentist's room.

As you well know even Xiaomi introduced this function, in its top-of-the-range Mi 8 Explorer Edition, also giving the possibility to change your voice in real time, with an Alvin style tone or a little monster. For Xiaomi animated smileys are called MiMoji and are the prerogative of the Mi 8 EE smartphone, but fortunately the world of modding does not stop in the face of any obstacle and so here we are today to present you the possibility of take advantage of the MiMoji even on your smartphone. No root, no bootloader unlocking or anything else is required, simply install an apk file related to the MiMoji application.

The Xiaomi MiMoji are now available for all smartphones (Android 5.0 +)

It should be specified that the application was previously available in Russian but now the port has been translated into the most common English. Once the application has started, all you have to do is grant the permissions and position yourself in front of the smartphone so that the camera selfie frames our face perfectly. At this point you have to choose the favorite character ranging from the mascot MITU, to a nice pig, a fox, a panda, a monkey, a dragon, an abyss fish, a giraffe, a robot, a cub, a goat and finally a sweet ... cacchetta.

The chosen character will follow the movement of your face, turning his head, closing his eyes and moving his mouth. Now with the red button at the bottom, you can start one video recording that once finished will allow you to watch the video in order to save it on the memory of your smartphone or share it on some social networks. You can however also change the item acting on the buttons in the shape of a woman's face, man and cartoon, obtaining very nice results whose the only limit is imagination.

The application has been tested and works correctly on devices of each brand as long as a version of Android 5.0 or higher is running and the processor is ARM type. On older devices, the video preview in the animoji app looks poor, but the exported video looks perfect. Now I leave you and leave you with the link to download the MiMoji application.

Change log:

  • Removed MIUI CTA to make the app work with every device.
  • Modified all paths, crashes, error reports and URLs of A / B experiments on non-existent URLs.
    (This means that no information is sent to Chinese servers from your device)
  • Cartoon voice effect unlocked, although it looks similar if not the same as the original voice.
  • App translated from Chinese to English - Some texts may not be accurate!
  • The duration of the videos can now reach up to 30 seconds, instead of the predefined 10 seconds


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