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Liectroux i7 pro floor vacuum cleaner, washes well and is cheap poco!

Floor cleaners undoubtedly remain one of my favorite products, not to mention my absolute favorite, for cleaning the floor at home. Indeed, the savings in time and effort that we can have by using this device is really important, so I always recommend purchasing and using it. There are many models from many brands, from the most renowned and expensive to the low cost ones which still do their job decently. Today I'm talking to you about one of the latter, the Liectroux I7 pro, a good product from an emerging German brand, Liectroux specialized in the production of robotics for home cleaning. Let's see its features and how it cleans.

PACKAGE Liectroux I7 Pro

The product will arrive well packaged in a double cardboard box, the outer one protects the actual packaging, also made of raw cardboard. It is not eye-catching, but it is functional for optimal protection from any blows suffered during transport.

Inside we will find:

  • Liectroux I7 Pro floor cleaner with tanks (clean and dirty water) and roller already mounted.
  • Replacement cleaning roller
  • Replacement filter
  • Charging base
  • Feeder
  • Cleaning brush
  • Disinfectant tablets
  • Instruction booklet (English-Spanish-Russian)
Liectroux I7 pro

ASSEMBLY Liectroux I7 Pro

I'll start by telling you: "don't worry about assembly", in fact the device is already almost ready for use. In fact you will only have to "assemble" the handle, an operation that takes 60 seconds flat. In fact, all you have to do is insert it into the socket under the display and put the screw behind it which you will find in a small bag attached to the same handle.

Once this very simple operation has been done, you just have to charge it in its base, recharge it to 100% and then you will be ready to use. You will find the input for the power supply on the left side of the base, insert the charger into an electrical socket (the connection is Italian) and place the floor cleaner on it. The battery is integrated and non-removable.


Among the most important aspects of a product like this are certainly the suction power and autonomy. The Lictroux I7 Pro has a suction power of 14 Kpa, in line and even superior to products of the same level, achieved thanks to an engine that develops a power of 150w. The battery is from 4000mAh and guarantees an autonomy of approximately 35 minutes in automatic mode. For those less knowledgeable on the subject, I can tell you that with approximately 35 minutes of use you can clean them 120m². The tanks are respectively 600ml (clean water) and 800ml (dirty water), perhaps they could have done a little better than the 600ml in the clean water tank.

GeneralBrand: Liectroux
Type: Floor cleaning vacuum cleaner
Model: i7 Pro
Color: Black
Small PartsSuction power: 14Kpa
Battery capacity: 4000mAh
Motor Power: 150W
Dirty water tank: 800 ML
Clean water tank: 600ML
Charging time: 4 hours
Runtime: 35-40 minutes
Noise: <75 dB
Dimensions of the work area: approximately 120 mXNUMX
Roller speed: 600 turns/min
Weight and sizeProduct weight: 3,8 kg
Package weight: 7,5 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 280 x 210 x 1150mm
Packaging dimensions (L x W x H): 680 x 342 x 300 mm

We also have a voice feedback but unfortunately only in English. To disable it you will have to hold down the power button and the STRONG cleaning button for about 3 seconds. To rehabilitate it, same procedure.


The floor cleaner uses two tanks, one for clean water and one for dirty water. Before starting the wash you will have to fill the one with clean water located in the back. To remove it, simply press the release lever on top and remove it. In addition to water, you can insert a cleaning liquid of your choice, as long as it is not foamy. In the package we will also find specific disinfectant tablets. Obviously they are few and will only be enough for the first few washes. Once the tank has been filled, put it back in place under pressure and the floor cleaner will be ready for use. As for the dirty water tank, it will have to be emptied after each wash. It can naturally be disposed of in the toilet and to prevent solid waste from ending up there, you will find a sieve in the package that will allow you to collect it.

In the upper part of the dirty water tank we find the filter which must be removed and cleaned at the same time as cleaning the tank. After washing it, let it dry well before putting it back in place.


The sore point is certainly the construction materials which immediately give a cheap feeling as soon as you pick it up. It is completely made of polycarbonate which also appears quite light, which while on the one hand can be a positive thing to avoid tiring during use, on the other hand it certainly makes it less resistant (at least in appearance) compared to its competitors. Of course these are sensations, only time and use will be able to give us a judgment from this point of view. While the tank attachments appear good, what didn't convince me was certainly the attachment of the cleaning roller. In fact, it doesn't seem perfect to me and once put in place it seems like it can be easily removed. It is true that the template that secures the part is mounted above, but in other models this attachment (among other things, essential for using the floor cleaner) is certainly more solid. It should also be considered that the roller could also be removed only for replacement as our i7 Pro provides not only self-cleaning but also automatic drying of the roller. I repeat, these are sensations which naturally after a few uses are not supported by facts... in short, it could be that the roller attachment works very well for years. Time will be the judge.


So, let's start by talking about the difference between the I7 pro and other similar products, namely that of being able to use it only as a vacuum cleaner. Then you will not need to fill the clean water tank and wash the floor. This is certainly a significant plus compared to other products which instead require washing to be carried out at the same time as vacuuming. Then we will obviously have the possibility of carrying out suction and washing together by filling the tank with clean water and selecting the washing mode using the button on the handle by pressing it and holding it down (same mode to return to washing mode). By default the appliance starts with the washing mode e normal suction. To switch to mode STRONG just press the usual button once, pressing it again will return to normal suction mode. To disable the washing you will have to press the button with the drop, ditto to re-enable it. I remind you that you will be able to see on the display the status of the type of washing, dry/wet, and the suction intensity, normal/strong

The only doubt I have left is the wording “AUTO” which always appears on the display. Objectively, I didn't understand what it indicates, as logically it should be disabled when I select STRONG mode and instead it remains active.


The display has icons that are always visible even when turned off and this certainly makes it so poco understandable. When activated they light up but it is always a little confusing to understand what we are reading. In any case the icons will tell us:

  • Active strong suction power
  • Washing mode active
  • Suction only mode active
  • Dirty water tank to be emptied
  • Empty clean water tank
  • Self cleaning in action
  • Battery charge percentage/any errors (which you will find in the instruction booklet)
  • Battery icon
  • Charging battery icon
  • car mode
Lyectroux i7 Pro


As far as self-cleaning is concerned, we are in line with similar products, not very perfect but it does the job. To run it you will have to place our Liectroux I7 pro on its charging base and press the power button (with a battery charge of more than 10%). This will start the cleaning session and once finished the roller drying session. The instruction manual talks about a temperature not exceeding 45° and the maximum time cannot exceed 8 hours, although obviously it will end much earlier. Unfortunately there is no method to activate or deactivate drying, when the battery reaches a 95% charge the charging base will heat up and the roller will start to dry. In summer, my advice is to remove the roller and let it dry outside, perhaps in the sun.


I must say that the cleaning certainly proved to be better than the cheap feeling that the materials gave me. Performed several tests with solid and liquid materials and it had no problem removing all the dirt on the floor, where the dirt was really excessive (things that are unlikely to actually happen to you) with a couple of passes it removed everything. I remind you that it can be used without distinction on porcelain stoneware, terracotta, wood, resin, ceramic, laminate and parquet floors without risk of damaging it. Having the possibility of dry cleaning, you can also use it on carpets. Cleaning at the edge of the wall is not good, leaving 1.5cm of floor unwashed, so from this point of view we are not in line with products in the same market segment. As expected, the lightness of the I7 Pro is very good which allows us to use it with minimal effort, really almost imperceptible. Another thing that positively surprised me is the really excellent roller joint. This is essential to allow us to carry out a thorough cleaning in all corners of the house, where there are furniture, sofas, and other objects that cannot be moved.


After telling you everything about the Lectroux I7 Pro let's get to the final considerations to understand if it makes sense to consider purchasing it. Let's start from the list price which is around €400. In my opinion this figure is too high for the product we would take home, but this is remedied thanks to the offer of our partner site GOOD BANG (thank you for sending the sample) which, combined with our coupon, will allow you to take it home with a crazy discount, around 50%. It's clear that at this price everything definitely changes and my advice can only be to buy it. Cleaning is done well, self-cleaning is present, the standard equipment is good so even if the construction materials did not convince me, for the rest I must say that it is a more than decent product. Obviously don't think about buying a floor cleaner on the level of Tineco, Dreamer o Roborock but if you want to go for products of this type you will have to shell out more than double what you will spend with the I7 Pro.

I remind you about that GOOD BANG to protect your purchases, you can pay via PayPal and the product will arrive in a few working days, 3-5, as it is in stock in the European warehouse, therefore without the risk of incurring annoying customs duties.

Liectroux i7 Pro floor cleaner

211€ 399€
🇪🇺Fast Shipping INCLUDED from Europe (No Customs)
8.2 Total score
Overall good

a good product, cleans well, materials to be reviewed

  • Possibility of use also dry
  • Good price
  • Good suction power
  • Good autonomy
  • Good wash
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Excellent roller joint
  • Cheap materials
  • Dancer roller fixing
  • Dilplay below average
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