POCO X3 NFC: here are the best GCams you can install on your smartphone

It's been quite a while since the release of POCO X3 NFC, a device belonging to the medium-low range of the market, but with specifications and performances that can keep up with even more expensive devices and with increased hardware. We have talked to you about it in depth in ours Full review, but since then things have happened especially in the photographic field, as being perhaps the only slightly subdued aspect compared to all the rest of the performances.

Let us remember that POCO X3 NFC boasts a beautiful display with 120 Hz refresh rate, ideal for games while from a photographic point of view, the terminal relies on a 682 MP SONY IMX64 sensors, perhaps poco optimized by proprietary software based on MIUI. So here comes the usual GCam, porting of the basic software of Google's Pixels, which sometimes give real miracles in the photographic and video field.

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poco x3 nfc

POCO X3 NFC: here are the best GCams you can install on your smartphone

We offer you this sort of "guide", because to date, despite the advent of other terminals such as the Redmi Note 9T 5G, the POCO X3 NFC is the best choice you can make on a budget. We have in fact compared the two devices just mentioned and you can read the result in this article, but let's get to the point by directly leaving you the download links of the 3 best porting versions of GCam dedicated to POCO X3 NFC, with related XML files, which as you well know once installed allow you to automatically set the best shooting and video settings for the smartphone they are compiled in.

poco x3

Each of them is the perfect choice to enhance the photographic qualities of yours POCO X3 NFC, so we recommend you try all 3 and decide according to your tastes, which is the best that suits your needs. If you don't know how to import the XML configuration file you can follow the steps listed below.

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Once you have downloaded the two files (you should find them in the Download folder of your device) you can click directly on the GCam apk you just downloaded and proceed with the installation of the same. You may need to grant permissions to install content from alternative sources to the File Manager if you have not granted them previously. After the installation at this point you can check that the GCam works without crashing but to optimize it you must follow some steps to apply the configs file downloaded previously.

poco x3 nfc

  • Go to File Manager;
  • Click on the folder icon at the top;
  • Click on the three dots next to the 4 squares symbol of the Internal Shared Memory item;
  • Click on Create a new folder;
  • Give the name GCam;
  • Inside the newly created GCam folder you have to create another one, with the same method just described and name it Configs7;
  • Now you have to move the k30_phoenix.xml file (which you should find inside the Downloads folder) inside the Configs7 folder;
  • At this point the GCam app and double click on the black part next to the shutter button;
  • A window will open in which you will select the newly loaded configs file. Now click on RESTORE.

If you need accompanying images of the procedure just mentioned you can go Let us know if you have any suggestions

poco x3 nfc

Ok now you are ready to unleash your best ideas in photography armed only with yours POCO X3 NFC, but if you want to do more, please write below which version of GCam you prefer and for what reason.


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