The Super Soco scooter arrives in Spain ... soon even in Italy?

When about a year ago we published the article on Super Soco, the Xiaomi electric scooter, ecological and a "smart" pinch you have bombarded us with questions about when and how it would be possible to buy it also in Italy. Unfortunately the answer was that the vehicle would never have arrived at our latitudes due to a difficulty in importation given the extent of the article. But fortunately something is moving in the right direction, in fact the company has officially arrived in Spain, and is working on the realization of new scooter models, but abandoning the help of Xiaomi in the realization and distribution of the same.

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The Super Soco scooter arrives in Spain ... soon even in Italy?

Super Soco in Spain debuts as a Ecooter brand launching the E1R model, the equivalent of an 125cc. A perfect combination of innovation, high performance and sophisticated design with high quality finishes. Designed for short urban journeys with no concern for fuel consumption with minimal maintenance, as the Ecooter E1R scotter is an electric type. In order to increase driving performance, the vehicle is equipped with EBS (Electric Brake System) and FOC, which in combination recycle the dynamic energy during braking and limit the energy during acceleration allowing autonomy up to 120 km.

Specifications Super Soco Ecooter E1R:

  • Battery: LG Lithium
  • Battery pack: 6V / 40 Ah
  • Battery capacity: 2,56 KWh
  • Maximum discharge current: 32,5 A
  • Charging time (normal / fast): 6-7h / 4,5-5,5h
  • Motor type: 4200W brushless
  • Transmission: GATES Tootheld Belt
  • Maximum power: 4200W
  • Ascending capacity: 20% 30 km / h - 10% 55 km / h
  • Maximum torque: 165 Nm (50 Nm in axis)
  • Battery charger: 60V / 6A (normal) - 60V / 7A (fast)
  • Size: x 1750 645 1075 mm x
  • Axis distance: 1260 mm
  • Seat height: 730 mm
  • Weight: 76 Kg (without battery)
  • Battery weight: 12,9 Kg
  • Brakes: 220 disc brakes ø ant. / 200 disc ø post.
  • Tires: 100 / 60 - 12
  • Lighting: Full LED
  • Speed: 75-80 Km / h
  • Autonomy urban use: 85-120 km
  • Consumption in € / km: 0,38 € / 100 km
  • Colors: red, white, black, gray

The E1R scooter has a price that varies from 2690 euro up to 3690 euro, and on the manufacturer's website you can find further specifications. Now we expect a debut also in Italy ...

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