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The Xiaomi Mi4 will have the "feel" of Apple products

Three days after the official launch of the next Xiaomi top smartphone, the company released a teaser that gave us an idea of ​​what to expect. The feelings of "Apple".

Maybe the next Xiaomi Mi4 won't be made of aluminum, but according to this new teaser it will be a premium device. The company has decided to talk about itself again with a new combination of the American Apple brand. We do not know if it is a play on words, but certainly the intent is to capture media attention.

The first of the three points in the image above says that the next Xiaomi smartphone will have the feel of "Apple". This may mean that Xiaomi has brought the design and design quality of its top-of-the-range range to Apple's iPhone, undoubtedly very high, or it may mean that the Xiaomi Mi4 will have materials similar to One Skin One Skin. In both cases, it may be interesting news.

The second point on the list says that the next Xiaomi smartphone will have the characteristics of tea. For the Chinese this means that it will be refined and cared for. The last of the points says instead that Xiaomi will offer the high performance it has always offered.

So what do all these clues mean? Will we have a premium smartphone, with the product quality of Apple products, kept in the mini details and with the usual powerful hardware that Xiaomi has used to us? Let's hope so!



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Simone Rodriguez
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