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ZUK Z2 will arrive in 2016, along with ...

There is good news, no, there are two, for fans of ZUK that, conquered by the recent ZUK Z1, are eagerly awaiting the new generation of this smartphone revelation. Find out what we have to tell you!

ZUK Z2: launch in 2016! ZUK CEO's Word!


Maybe not everyone knows ZUK, the Chinese startup born from a rib of the most famous colossus Lenevo, which was immediately notice by placing it on the market ZUK Z1. This smartphone has made a lot of talk about itself both for its really pleasing design and for its truly exceptional quality-price ratio, so it's natural that there are many expectations for a successor to market for one of its successors.

Be young, you must know that these expectations will certainly not be over. He is the same CEO of ZUK in fact, that with the official social profile of his company, confirmed that he ZUK Z2 there will be, but not before the end of this year.


It is true that many of you hoped for a short launch, but it is also true that since it will be launched in the 2016, this is probably ZUK Z2 will be equipped with the promising Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor whose official presentation will take place within a few hours. What do you think about this ZUK Z2? Are you catching your attention?

Before I say hello, I have another good news to tell you! Always through its official social profile, the CEO of ZUK has confirmed that her company is already in the works to bring Android 6.0 Marshmallow on the company's current and unique flagship. There ZUI based Android Marshmallow is still in alpha phase, but is expected to release an open beta at the end of December and an official stable for the month of March.


As you know, finally ZUK Z1 destined for our market is equipped with the CyanogenOS. To see Android 6.0 even on this variant we will not have to wait a long way, it is in fact the first few months of the 2016.


Article ZUK Z2 will arrive in 2016, along with ... seems to be the first of

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