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Magic Eraser is no longer exclusive to Google Pixels

The first time we talked about magic eraser it was two years ago, when on the occasion of a new feature coming to Pixel 6, the latter was removed. It has been much talked about as a feature, so much so that Google has repeatedly changed its presence on Pixel devices. But now we have come to know that the "Magic Eraser" is (finally) usable on all Android and iOS devices. Obviously this is not a free feature.

How to use Magic Eraser on all Android and iOS devices? Now it's possible since it's no longer an exclusive feature of Pixel phones

Magic Eraser is a function present on Pixel devices by Google that allows you to easily remove unwanted objects from your photos. In practice, the function uses intelligence artificial to analyze the photo and find the object to remove, then use an algorithm to delete the object and fill the empty space with the surrounding content.

The Magic Eraser feature is especially useful for remove objects quickly and effectively from photos that would otherwise be difficult to edit manually. For example, you can use it to remove debris or clutter from landscape photos, or to eliminate unwanted objects or people from group photos. Obviously the functionality (as we already knew) is not free to use: only those who own a Google One subscription can use it. Only unlike before, now even if you own an Android or iOS device with Google One you can use the magic eraser.

magic eraser for android and ios
Source | Google

How to use Magic Eraser?

To use Magic Eraser on a Google Pixel device, simply open the photo you want to edit, tap the brush icon in the editing toolbar and select the option of the same name. At this point, you can select the object to remove and the feature will take care of the rest.

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