The Xiaomi mask against environmental pollution is coming soon

Here we are at the first days of the new year and here we are with the launch of a new product Xiaomi. As always, our beloved brand does not waste time and has ready in the forge always new products to be launched, whether they are high tech or not. This is indeed the case (perhaps) of the new product that tomorrow will be launched by Xiaomi India, a mask against environmental pollution: we have news from a fresh cool tweet of the day, coming precisely from the official account of Mi India.

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The Xiaomi mask against environmental pollution is coming soon

Just a few hours ago the official account My India he posted a tweet which makes us clearly understand that it is this new product is coming soon. On the black background we find a whole series of words that immediately refer to the speech environmental pollution: dust, air, smog, danger, emissions, breath etc. Above these words then we find the outline of a object in black which depicts, without any doubt, a mask of those that we usually see to Chinese tourists and in any case in very polluted areas.

For those who do not know, last year Xiaomi he passed gods trouble regarding speech environmental pollution. Indeed, a May 2018 two Chinese associations involved in the fight against global pollution (a very sensitive speech in China for some years), Luse Jiangnan and l 'Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, they discovered that one large amount of toxic waste deriving from the construction of printed circuit boards of a factory of Suzhou were poured into the waters of the same city. What does that have to do with it though Xiaomi? This Printed circuit factory was one of Xiaomi's suppliers. We do not know what the matter is, but we can imagine that from that episode, happened, inter alia, just before the Chinese giant's stock market listing, has sensitized the company on the environmental pollution question.

A product of this kind, aimed at the benefit of man in the environment, is not the first to be produced by Xiaomi: in fact there are different models of air purifiers that have been placed on the market, like this high performance wall o this always from the wall but smaller in size.

Tomorrow, however, we will have more news than this new product such as if there are technological components or not.

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