Meco Eleverde ME-CR2 the 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner-air compressor not to be missed!

Gentlemen, I must tell you ... I finally found a device I had been looking for for years, the one that will solve the classic problem of buying, at exorbitant figures, the classic compressed air cans, necessary for cleaning all those objects that cannot be sucked. I'm talking about Meco Eleverde ME-CR2 a fantastic portable mini air compressor that can also act as a mischievous vacuum! But let's go see it in detail!


The product will arrive in a small package measuring only 21x18x6cm which will contain:

  • Gun-shaped body
  • USB - Type C charging cable
  • Instruction manual
  • Suction accessories
  • Compression accessories
  • Convenient carrying bag


The machine body has the shape of a "gun" has a 180 ° rotatable handle that must be positioned on the opposite side of the air outlet / intake that we are going to use, the operating button, the Type C socket for recharging and a small LED that will show us the operation / the compression power / the state of charge.

Below are the technical characteristics of our device:

  • Model: ME-CR2
  • Input: 5vx3A - 9vx1.65A
  • Maximum power: 90W
  • Suction power: 8-12Kpa
  • Air pressure: 1.6Psi
  • Air speed: 25m / s
  • Battery: 7500mAh
  • Autonomy: 15-30 minutes
  • Charging time: 2.5 hours
  • Dimensions: 159x189x66mm


To use it as a vacuum cleaner / crumbs you will have to mount the green “bell” inside which the filter goes. This is the configuration it will come to you in. At this point, all you have to do is attach (interlocking) the accessory to vacuum and that's it. There are 3 suction intensities and they can be varied by quickly pressing the suction button. In the order they are: 8Kpa - 10Kpa - 12Kpa and will be signaled by the green LED which will flash faster and faster according to the increasing suction power. The filter can easily be washed under running water but remember to let it dry well before using it again.

Meco Eleverde ME-CR2


But let's get to the feature for which the Meco Eleverde ME-CR2, that is the possibility of using it as an air compressor! To use it in this way we will have to: disassemble the "bell" of the suction and attach on the opposite side one of the many accessories for the blow in the package. We even have 5 that we can use according to our needs. Two of these must be mounted using the specific connection component, while the others directly interlocking.

At this point we just have to point and press the power button, hold it down for a couple of seconds, and the air compression will start. Here too there are 3 modes of use and we can change them by quickly pressing the power button, in doing so we will switch from LOW to MEDIUM mode to finish at HIGH. Of course the battery life will be affected by the intensity of work, 30 minutes for the LOW and 15 for the HIGH. The LED will work similarly to the suction, indicating the power in use. If it turns red it means that the battery is low and needs to be charged!

Among the various accessories we will find the one for inflating balls, inflating dinghies, vacuum packing (using it on the suction side), cleaning keyboards, etc.


We obviously have to give a double evaluation, as an aspirator and as a compressor.

Vacuum cleaner: great for use "poco challenging ”, therefore to collect crumbs and dust deposited on the furniture or on the sofa. Despite the good maximum suction power, the tank is poco capacious and the accessory to suck only one. Let's say this isn't his strong point, but he'll do his job very well.

Compressor: here we are really at the TOP. For all those who do not have the possibility of having a real compressor at home (which obviously requires very different spaces and consumptions) this is certainly the definitive solution. Small, handy and powerful, it will help you in all those jobs for which there are no other solutions than buying the very expensive cans of compressed air. I found it perfect for cleaning my keyboards and the filters / parts of my cordless floor vacuum cleaner. Everything I used to do with great effort now I do it for 2 minutes thanks to Meco Eleverde ME-CR2.

Its list price is around € 100 but today you can find it on offer on AMAZON PRIME with an interesting discount!

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