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Meizu 20 unveiled "by mistake" at the Geely press conference: it is a mix between Samsung Galaxy and iPhone

Yesterday evening, the well-known Chinese automaker Geely held a press conference in which it presented a new range of mid-to-high-end cars called Galaxy. Name that reminds us of the famous series of high-end smartphones from Samsung and apparently the coincidences do not end there. Because during the conference Geely also released a slide showing us the future Meizu 20. For the uninitiated, Geely Group has acquired Meizu in 2022, with a 79,09% stake, effectively becoming the owner of the smartphone maker.

Meizu 20 unveiled "by mistake" at the Geely press conference: it is a mix between Samsung Galaxy and iPhone

In any case, judging by the slide shown by Geely's press conference, the design of the next Meizu 20 is consistent with that seen in previous leaks. At the front we find a flat and non-curved screen, surrounded by fairly thin edges, we no longer have a plastic chassis but it is now all metal. In general, the device has a very premium look a bit similar to the latest iPhones.

As for the photographic sector, here we note the presence of three cameras placed vertically one above the other and an additional ring that incorporates the flash and focus. A quite different design from the other flagships currently on the market, if not for the similarity to Samsung's Galaxy S23 series. Could it be a coincidence this time too?

In any case, Meizu has already given the news that all Meizu 20 series devices will have a flat screen, so it seems that the entire Meizu 20 series should look like in the picture. We will find the differences in the screen size and lens configuration. the.

Now we just have to wait for the official info. At the moment the smartphone has been anticipated several times by the brand but a launch date has not yet been announced.

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