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Meizu 20 leaks in a render: "Pure White" body and three vertical cameras

Ever since Meizu was acquired by Geely, the public's expectations for new Meizu phones keep growing more and more. Earlier, Meizu officially announced that the new Meizu 20 series will be released in the spring and released related preview posters. Over time, more information about the Meizu 20 series has also appeared online.

Meizu 20 leaks in a render: "Pure White" body and three vertical cameras

Meizu 20

Speaking of which, today the Mobile China site obtained a series of renders of a new phone suspected of being part of the future Meizu 20 series. Judging by the renders, the Meizu 20 series will be equipped with a flat screen with a hole in the center for the front camera and the body frame will be designed with rounded corners. As for the rear lens module, the phone adopts a three-camera module design, the three cameras are distributed vertically, the flash light is at the same height as the first camera, and the brand LOGO is at the bottom left of the phone.

Judging by the renders released this time, the overall look of the Meizu 20 series is well recognizable. The pure white color of the body reminds us a lot of other previously released Meizu devices.

Meizu 20 leaks in a render: "Pure White" body and three vertical cameras

It is worth mentioning that a number of Meizu 20 series sketches were also released earlier. The drafts of the previously revealed Meizu 20 series lineup showed that the device adopts right-angled edges and a vertical arrangement design of the four cameras, while the front is a flat screen with a very narrow bezel and a hole in the center.

However, these hand-drawn sketches were later confirmed not to be the Meizu 20 series design, but instead the abandoned designs of the previous Meizu 17 series.

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