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Meizu is stocking up on products: here is the fan-charger for smartphones

Meizu still has to arrive in Europe but while we await it delights us with the presentation of different devices. Like any self-respecting brand, it also has many products in its catalog such as headphones and smartphone accessories. With regard to this last kind of products, today he presented a super swag powerbank and cooling fan that also incorporates a wireless charger. Let's see the details.

Meizu today presented a smartphone, a cool powerbank and even a cooling fan that acts as a charger

One of today's news from Meizu is a cooler for decreasing the temperature of smartphones. A simple device that has received the complex and long name PANDAER 40W Miao Magnetic Ice Energy Superchargeable Back Armor. Not only does it protect mobile devices from overheating, it also acts as a wireless charger.

meizu introduces a wireless charger which is also a smartphone cooling fan

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Meizu wireless fan-charger connects to smartphones and other devices with magnets positioned in a circle inside the case. This guarantees a reliable grip. Thanks to the metal body and radiator, it quickly cools the smartphone to which it is attached. According to the manufacturer, the fan rotates at one speed up to 6000 rpm and is able to reduce the temperature inside the smartphone of 20 degrees Celsius in one minute.

meizu introduces a wireless charger which is also a smartphone cooling fan

The accessory doubles as a wireless charger with support for the proprietary mMagnet technology with a power up to 40W. However, this feature can only be used with Meizu's own smartphones. For all others, Qi support is provided with a maximum output power up to 15w. However, the manufacturer does not specify if there is a battery in the cooler itself so that it can work in mode autonomous without being connected to a power source.


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