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Meizu expands the catalog with a 4K Cam with gesture control

It's been a while since we talked about Meizu, the company that they are waiting for debuts in Europe from time to time. Within the company's ecosystem we find lifeme, that is the ecological chain that deals with products for the home, IoT and everything that does not have to do directly with smartphones. In this regard Meizu Lifeme presented a really cool webcam which has as its distinctive feature the control of gestures. Let's see it together.

Meizu launches 4K Gesture Webcam, a video conferencing cam in 4K resolution and with gesture control. High price but what a product!

Meizu introduced a new product of the Lifeme line: a camera intelligent for videoconferencing. In addition to the high resolution of the image, it is interesting for a number of additional functions, as well as the ability to clearly transmit the interlocutor's voice, even if he is far from the device. The body of the webcam is made of aircraft aluminum alloy and the lens is made of ultra-strong glass with an anti-reflective coating. The device equips a sensor Sony IMX581 (1/2 ″) from 48 megapixel with 4K video recording function (30 fps) and 107 degree viewing angle.

webcam meizu

The Meizu webcam can pick up sounds at a distance of up to 7 meters thanks to an array of four microphones. The manufacturer has also studied the software part: the proprietary algorithm Phantom AI supports autofocus, tracking of a person in the frame, the panning and the recognition of gestures. The device can be connected to a desktop or laptop via a USB Type-C cable.

The Meizu Lifeme webcam is available starting September 2022 for about 100 € (at the current exchange rate).


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