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Meizu copies Apple?

Meizu is most likely one of the Chinese producers who most of all committed themselves to making original products that stand out for their sophisticated design. However, as often happens when you are in front of a certain mental closure or, in other words, fanaticism, has been repeatedly accused of plagiarism against the products Apple . You too did it?


Meizu copies Apple? No, and the vice president shows it!

The vice president of Meizu, Li Nan, a few hours after the world launch of iphone6s di Apple he thought it good to post on his profile Weibo of render that portrays a device yet unpublished but that should be launched shortly.


In his post, the vice president Li Nan has explicitly stated that the reason for his action is to avoid unnecessary talk of the alleged similarity between his company's products and the products of the American company Apple , chats that continue insistently since the time of Meizu M8.

We remind you that the last one iphone di Apple it must still be unveiled and then the photos posted by the vice president of Meizu represent a concrete proof of the original design of its products. Do you think about them guys? You still have the idea that Meizu Copy Apple ?


Since they are doing so now, and considering who has posted them can be considered a very reliable source, let's look at the images in question. As you can see, it is a device that partially resumes the predecessor's lines Meizu MX5. In fact there is a back cover completely made of metal in which, at the top, the circular camera and the camera are located flash dual tone equipped with a sensor for the 'autofocus laser. Also note the restyling the company logo positioned immediately below the main camera. As for the front part instead, we can notice the presence of a curved glass 2.5D, a feature that unfortunately is not present on Meizu MX5.

You like this smartphone Meizu? According to you is the infamous Meizu ME5 which is so talked about these days?


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