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Meizu mBlu ready to return with a 1500 Yuan smartphone (200 €)

This afternoon the official Meizu account shared a post in which it states that despite 100% of manufacturers, media and users are looking forward to and discuss mainly flagships, in the real market the 1500 yuan devices (200 euros ) or below reach at least 30% of sales.

Meizu mBlu ready to return with a 1500 Yuan smartphone (200 €)

This suggests that the first Meizu mBlu series smartphone after a long hiatus will likely be priced below 1500 yuan.

In addition, mBlu also thanked over 50 million users for their trust and choice and stated that the next sales target of another 50 million devices will begin now.

The data exposed by the brand is based on May 29, 2018, when mBlu announced that it had exceeded 50 million in sales. So, after a three-year wait, the mBlu brand seems to have achieved the goal of 50 million sales.

So how long will it take to reach the second goal of 50 million in sales? We will wait and see.

It is worth mentioning that, not long ago, mBlu Technology published a long article to announce that mBlue mobile phones are about to make a comeback.

The brand said that now the mission of popularizing smartphones has been achieved and that the Chinese brands that occupy the top change very often.

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