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Meizu PANDAER x XOG Platinum Unicorn Cyber ​​Speaker and X IQUNIX Keyboard launched in China

At the Meizu conference held this afternoon, the Chinese brand launched a variety of products, among them we have the new PANDAER x XOG Platinum Unicorn Cyber ​​Speaker and the PANDAER X IQUNIX Ultra-touch Transparent Mechanical Keyboard; let's go find out more!

Meizu PANDAER XOG Platinum Unicorn Cyber ​​Speaker and X IQUNIX Keyboard launched in China

Let's start by specifying that PANDAER, a Meizu brand dedicated to “eccentric exploration”, is a fusion of trendy culture and technological experience and is the work of a group of Meizu's eccentric developers and trendy artisans. In 2022, PANDAER will advance in the form of a “free universe” and the “surrounding world”, including three product lines: PANDAER X, PANDAER Teochew and the PANDAER Life Research Institute. Today we go to see the "Platinum Unicorn" of the free universe and the New Year tiger god "Qiaoyu" of the surrounding world.

Returning to the speaker, Meizu announced that the “PANDAER Desktop Bluetooth Speaker” will deliver a shocking “acoustic feast”, with its custom PANDAER “Platinum Unicorn” mechanical coating bringing an all-round, easy-to-use extreme audio experience.

Meizu also claimed that PANDAER X's first joint acoustic product - "Meizu PANDAER x Elvis XOG Platinum Unicorn Cyber ​​Speaker" was officially released with a crowdfunding price of 1199 yuan (165 euros), retail price of 1499 yuan (206 euros).

The Meizu PANDAER x Elvis XOG Platinum Unicorn Cyber ​​Speaker has been jointly tuned by the Elvis technical team and the Meizu Acoustics team. According to the brand, the new speaker will make it seem like we have an almighty band on our desk.

PANDAER's desktop Bluetooth speaker also supports configurable stereo, which improves listening on any surface, dual 48mm independent full-range units with ultra-clear sound, low-volume subwoofer, bass amplifier. In particular it supports Super Alive Bass super intelligent bass, exclusive to Elvis Acoustic technology, including chips, algorithms and tuning. There's also built-in MEIZU sound, a variety of custom equalizers, and a deep tuning experience.

In terms of design, the PANDAER desktop bluetooth speaker adopts the platinum unicorn pattern, the all-metal mecha shell, a platinum unicorn paint with metal grille. The entire speaker has a mechanical texture with a custom Unicorm Halo light effect. There are 64 configurable Halo color types and there is support for Flyme connection with an 80ms delay, comparable to TWS gaming headsets. Finally, we find IPX5 waterproof support, USB-C fast charging, long battery life, custom sound effects, Bluetooth 5.0 and AUX port.

Moving on to the keyboard which was previously not released after crowdfunding was completed due to the shortage of raw materials caused by the outbreak. The product will go on sale after the Chinese Spring Festival at a price of 799 yuan, 110 euros at the exchange rate.

The PANDAER X IQUNIX ultra-touch transparent mechanical keyboard features Cherry red switches, green switches, brown switches, TTC gold powder, moon white switches, and ACE switches. This keyboard features a unique layout of 80 hot-swappable keys and comes standard with PBT keycaps. The keyboard supports Bluetooth 5.1, 2.4G wireless, three-mode wired connection, is Mac compatible and comes with four Mac keycaps. The product has a built-in 4000mAh battery and the F area at the top is angled for easy touch.

Finally, Meizu has stated that the “Platinum Unicorn” keycaps will be launched after the Spring Festival. Their tricolor design offers a full set of keys, not just for this keyboard. The keycaps are made of thickened PBT material and are designed with MDA curved spherical surfaces, which is more comfortable for typing.

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