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Meizu wants to go back to the beginning after the acquisition of Geely: former employees and executives rehired

In recent weeks, the news regarding the Meizu brand have become increasingly frequent. Whether it's product advances or leaks, users (especially Chinese ones) are waiting for great news from the well-known smartphone manufacturer.

Meizu wants to go back to the beginning after the acquisition of Geely: former employees and executives rehired

Well, today, news site Mobile China obtained a photo of Meizu's current executives from a Chinese blogger. In this group photo, we get to see Feng Yufei, the former vice president of vivo and former head of iQOO. This should mean that Feng Yufei has returned to work for Meizu Technology.

For the uninitiated, Feng Yufei was hired by Meizu right after he graduated from university. Later, due to several factors, Feng Yufei switched to Vivo, the company he worked for for ten years. Now, after Chinese auto giant Geely acquired Meizu, it seems there is a high probability that Feng Yufei saw more chances in Meizu, so he stepped down from Vivo and returned to Meizu.

Meizu 20
Render Meizu 20

In addition, the Chinese blogger also said through Xingji Times that the brand has also hired many old Meizu employees this time, especially in R & D, advertising and other positions, and has even recruited some friends and business leaders. So we can see that thanks to the investments brought in by the Geely company, Meizu might be able to come back as one of the hottest brands in the smartphone industry.

Recall that, according to the latest from China, the Meizu 20 series will be officially released this spring, it will be an uncompromising high-end smartphone. However, at present, the Meizu brand has not mentioned much information about the Meizu 20 series, presumably because it is preparing to bring a big surprise to consumers. Finally, we note that Meizu has requested the approval of a new logo from the Chinese authorities.

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