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MEIZU-XIAOMI is War! Meizu offers discounts to Xiaomi-phone owners

On the popular Chinese social Weibo has emerged a teaser image that certifies it Meizu war declaration at Xiaomi.

A poster that reveals that Meizu will offer one special discount on the purchase of a Meizu Mx3 to the owners of smartphones Xiaomi!

Meizu wants to seriously tear up market share with rival Xiaomi. The Chinese home based in Zhuhai has already released a low-cost version of its Meizu MX2, he began to develop a porting of his ROM Flyme for Xiaomi MI3 and will shortly present its Xiaomi competitor Redmi Note, but it's not over here!

Meizu has always offered its customers the chance to scrap their old phones to buy new versions. The novelty is that it could offer a special discount for Xiaomi owners wishing to buy a Meizu MX3!

The information inside the green box in the image above speaks of one discount from the maximum value of 500 ¥ (about 59 €) for Xiaomi owners (not mentioning any model in particular) to purchase a Meizu MX3 by 64GB. The offer would therefore be valid [and very convenient!] For anyone with a Xiaomi Redmi or Mi1 or Mi2.

Xiaomi will surely know how and when to take revenge on this smack. We are curious to know the next chapter of the War Meizu-Xiaomi...
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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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