Big announcement for tomorrow: Mi A3 and A3 Lite around the corner?

Earlier this month we told you how it is possible that the next devices to mount Android One, or We are A3 and the younger brother Mi A 3 Lite, are nothing but one global version of the brand new Xiaomi CC9 and CC9e. Everything seemed to fit together: names, specifications and rumors ... also Manu Kumar Jain had made us understand something about the specifications thanks to a post on Twitter. But there seems to be a twist when everything seemed to be confirmed. According to a very famous Indian leakster (and that takes us too often!) The future carriers of Android One would have SoCs completely different from those announced: let's see which ones.

Big announcement for tomorrow: Mi A3 and A3 Lite around the corner?

It is with this article that Ishan Agarwal it amazes us: it would seem that the future devices We are A3 e Mi A3 Lite they will no longer be equipped with the same SoC of CC9 and CC9, or Snapdragon 710 and 665. According to the leakster, they would rather fit one Snapdragon 730 and 675. So the smartphones that would answer the code names bamboo_sprout e bamboo_cosmos would be more powerfull of those recently released and intended for a younger audience. In fact, the reasoning fits: why should a young public have a more powerful SoC on their smartphone? Let's give it to a slightly more demanding group of users.

All in all this diversification and growth; of smartphones Xiaomi, if on the one hand it may seem excessive given that risks saturating the market, on the other hand demonstrates the achievement of brand policy: technology for all, developing along that horizontal axis which is the category of users.

But that's not all, because Xiaomi's official account on Facebook has posted an image that is triggering a lot of curiosity and lots of online hype.

Big announcement for tomorrow: Mi A3 and A3 Lite around the corner?

Many users have noticed that the caption of this post has words that are common to the repeating the same letter three times. 3 as the number in the name of We are A3. Is it a case? Users do not believe and actually could be seen that with the times we are there: we said that a mid-July something would have been said about Xiaomi smartphones with Android One and maybe we guessed it. All tuned into the official channels tomorrow to see if, again, we're right.

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Xiaomi assistance makes you cry.
I have an A1 Mi that does not connect with Amazon, eBay, immediately.it, PayPal, bancoposta and other random pages;
many other users have the same problem.
I have contacted the assistance and after 2 days of questions have abandoned me and they don't answer me anymore.
So I wonder: why don't they fix the bugs to phones already on the market instead of adding others that probably will suffer from the same bug, since the problem seems to lie in the operating system.

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