Big news for Xiaomi Mi Band 5: two models with and without NFC, SpO2, Alexa and much more

One of the most anticipated products of Xiaomi, removing Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, is Xiaomi Mi Band 5. She will be the next queen of smartbands, taking over from her younger and predecessor sister. We have repeatedly talked about her, initially seeing how one will be available version with global NFC, therefore usable all over the world; later live images came out which turned out to be unfortunately false. Today we have some succulent news about this smartband since the team of GeekDoing discovered gods unpublished details going to study the Amazfit app.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5: assistant Amazon Alexa, model with and without NFC, control of SpO2 ovulation and oxygen saturation

As you have certainly read in the title, there are many news that we will have to expect on the Mi Band 5. The team GeekDoing, going to analyze the Amazfit app, he became aware of small goodies that we only dreamed of with the Mi Band 4 Let's start talking about the models. Unlike what we expected, it seems that two versions will be presented:

  • a without NFC which is called "Y"And which is recognized by the code name XMSH10HM;
  • a with NFC which is called "Kong Ming"And which is recognized by the code name XMSH11HM.

Whether or not the NFC chip is present raises a question: will both variants be available for the global market? According to the source, probably not. In fact we read in the description (you find everything in the source) that only the one without NFC will be available for the global market. In any case, we do not despair since it is not official news. In return, we will be able to use the voice assistant of Amazon Alexa.

xiaomi mi band 5 alexa

In this regard, this will be another substantial difference between the two models: while "York" can take advantage of Alexa, "Kong Ming" will be equipped with the Chinese voice assistant ie XiaoAi. Below all the icons that have been found within the Amazfit application.

xiaomi mi band 5 features

Among the new features that we will find on Mi Band 5, based on what we can see from the icons above, we have the Sp02 function or the one dedicated to the control of oxygen saturation in the blood (corresponding to image 2097) and that he will allow the control of ovulation and menstruation for women (pictures 2108 and 2110). According to what reported by the source, it will also be immediately Italian language available on the version corresponding to the global. Unfortunately, at the moment, however, we have no news about which of the two versions will actually be destined for our market. We will know more in the coming days.

Features Xiaomi Mi Band 5 that we didn't have on the Mi Band 4

Many are wondering which ones Features we will find on the new sportband that we have not seen to date on the other, in particular on the last. Well, the GeekDoing team also tells us this. Always going to find within the Amazfit app the following new features have been found:

  • program ;
  • camera: it will be possible to control the shutter of our smartphone without installing mods or third party applications. Maybe it will be possible to do it not immediately but with future updates;
  • DND: the "Do not disturb" mode is already present on the Mi Band 4 but will be customizable based on multiple periods of time;
  • menstruation and ovulation control;
  • PAI mode: we already talked about it some time ago;
  • global clocks: through the Mi Fit app it will be possible to add multiple times corresponding to different meridians.

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Sports activities Mi Band 5

Also with reference to sports activities there will be news. At 6 already present on the previous version 5 more will be added:

  • elliptical;
  • rowing machine;
  • jump rope;
  • indoor cycling;
  • yoga.

Watchfaces Mi Band 5

According to what confirmed by the fake they will be available immediately an analog watchface and two digital watchfaces. Clearly there will be the possibility to add some new and customized watchfaces as we already do with the previous smartband of Huami.

xiaomi mi band 5 watchfaces

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Source | GeekDoing

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