Mi Band 5: the NFC module will also work in Europe

Every time a wearable from Xiaomi is presented, be it the Mi Band series or the AmazFit products, the interest in these gadgets skyrocket so much that it becomes really difficult to find one. In particular, the queen of fitness bands remains the fourth-generation Mi Band, which has made significant progress in terms of design, hardware and functionality, among all the color display. This fitness tracker has recorded millions of units sold and above all substantial periods of unavailability on the market due to the high demand from the users.

One thing that has been particularly disappointing for users, at least those belonging to markets outside of China, is the presence of the NFC module which unfortunately cannot be exploited at our latitudes. Let us remember for example the AmazFit Verge, but also the Mi Band 3 which used the NFC module only through a mod but which did not allow all the functions reserved only for Chinese users. Well, things for the future Mi Band 5 could change, as the use of the NFC chipset could also be extended to global users.

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Mi Band 5: the NFC module will also work in Europe

According to the latest rumors, Xiaomi would therefore be considering the possibility of marketing the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 NFC with precisely the possibility for the end user to exploit the full potential of wireless technology, ie it would mean that it could be used for electronic payments via services like Google Pay, but can also be combined with functions such as opening smart locks, etc.

Huami will always be the partner company for the creation of the new wearable, which this time should assume a more rugged appearance, more resistant and above all against shocks. These are just micro anticipations, as we will have to wait for the release at least towards the end of the Q2 2020. Until then there will be lots of leaks and rumors that will accompany the coming of the future Mi Band 5 and we will not fail to tell you about them, so stay tune in to our blog.

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