Mi File Manager has integrated Google Drive: everything you need in the cloud

The thing we most like about it Xiaomi yes, smartphones, which incorporate new and cutting-edge hardware, but also and above all the software side: the MIUI gives emotions thanks to great malleability and personalization which follows. Not all proprietary applications however, to date, have remained such: let me explain better. Applications like I File Manager they have evolved and are "Open" to the development of third parties. Reduced to the bone this means that the room for improvement is much greater than before. There is evidence of this the integration of Google Drive in this last application.

Mi File Manager has integrated Google Drive: everything you need in the cloud

The app in question received an update dated 9 August (V1-190810 version) that allows the maximum harmony between it and Google's cloud storage service. So from this moment on, users who watch with a Big G eye and with the other Xiaomi, will be able to work without any problems by synchronizing their data through these two applications.

To access this setting you simply need to update the app through the Play Store, open it once the update is complete and click on top left menu marked with the three fingers. Here you will find, in second position, the icon of the Google Drive storage service. Once selected the item will suffice connect your Google account with the I File Manager and consent to the various authorizations requested by the Mountain View giant.

From this moment the two applications will be in tune and you can use at any time the data put on one or the other. To be completely honest this synchronization has little of "revolutionary" whereas the Google Drive is compatible with the entire system and therefore the utility, at the moment, it's really minimal if not nothing. But if by chance we needed for convenience to move a file from the Mi File Manager to the PC, from now we can do it comfortably.

We also remember that the application is also compatible with all smartphones that are not moved by MIUI.


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