Mi Home Mod: here's how to transfer Xiaomi smart devices from China servers to Europe

Xiaomi is over a year that has taken root in our beautiful country but despite a series of products, once available only through import from China and now finally available also through the company channels, the European servers still struggle to support the whole Xiaomi home automation ecosystem. As you all know, everything is entrusted to the app Mi Mi Home, forcing users who want to take advantage of all the products of the brand, to configure via Chinese servers.

Also in this case the world of modding comes to the rescue, which solves this problem, offering Italian users the possibility of configuring most of the devices available only in China on a European server. We therefore thank the user xCape, which made the app Mi Home mod. Available to the community.

mi home

Mi Home Mod: here's how to transfer Xiaomi smart devices from China servers to Europe

To take advantage of the possibility just mentioned, you need to download the modulated apk using the button below. Of course, if you already have an official Mi Home app, you must first uninstall it and then proceed to install the apk you just downloaded. Once the application is open, you can select the "Unblock link server" item via the switch located between the choice of language and the server.

MI HOME mod xCape

By doing this you will have the possibility to transfer devices from China servers to EU servers, even if they are not officially supported. However, not all devices are available and some devices can be connected and used only with predetermined scenarios. We therefore attach the list of supported devices.

mi home

  • Air purifier
  • Yeelight v2
  • Mijia Lamp desk (red wire)
  • Mijia 1080p
  • Mijia 1080p 360 °
  • Aqara Wall Outlet
  • Soocare Electric Toothbrush
  • Philips Eyecare LampXiaomi RoPot (Vase)
  • Xaiomi Mi Power Strip (reset after 48h)
  • Xiaomi MiClock (but takes the correct time!)
  • Philips ZuiRui E27
  • WiFi socket (new version ZNCZ04CM)
  • Yeelight v1
  • Ikea GU10 white
  • Yeelight Lightstrip
  • Yeelight Lightstrip Plus
  • Yeelight YLXD01YL LED (ceiling light)

mi home

In case you have problems using the MiHome mod app, you can try the following steps:

  • Delete cache and data mod;
  • Uninstall MiHome Mod;
  • Reinstall the MiHome Mod;
  • Choose China server but plug in the profile and activate "Switch Unblock Link a Server" before logging in;
  • Perform China login server;
  • Log out of the MiHome options;
  • Delete the app cache again and close MiHome from your smartphone;
  • Change servers to Italy and re-login.

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Ricardo Navarro
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Ricardo Navarro

Alguien me podría facilitar un manual para hacer automatizaciones con el Xiaomi smarthome o ejemplos realizados.
No advice hacer el que cuando me abra contacto puerta y me detecte detector comedor (siempre que esté la central armada) me de señal de aviso de alarma al móvil y se pitar la central. However, the central esté en modo desarmado.
Thank you.

not ready yet

Tested that app, managed to connect my EU Air Purifier to Chinese server but could not complete the same for EU vacuum cleaner. For me moving to Chinese server makes more sense since EU products are limited.

not ready yet

У меня европейский сет смарт датчиков и шлюз соответственно. Они все отказываются отображаться в любом регионе, кроме РФ. Проблема в том, что я купил Yeelight лампы, привязанные к китайскому серверу. E могу управлять ими через приложение Yeelight, но связать их с датчиками из набора у мени не выходити лампы на китайском сервере, а все датчики на русском. Поможет ли эта модификация в моем случае? Можно ли будет русские датчики переместить на китайский сервер?

not ready yet

Hello, I take advantage of the article to understand if the app is for my case or there are other indications.
I currently have a v2 china gateway with various sensors, a china purifier, a desk lamp, a Chinese mi plug and a roborock, all on the Chinese server.
Some devices know that they would also work in the EU, but I left there to have all the devices together.

Does this app allow me to migrate all devices in Europe? Is it possible that lately they have all become compatible with European servers? Do you have experiences?

Thank you

not ready yet

nothing xiaofang ...

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