Mi Mix 3 Forbidden City on sale in December in China

Last month we had described to you a little what was the peculiarity of the devices Mix series in this article and we have told you about prizes and recognitions that had received the devices Mi Mix, Mi Mix 2 and Mi Mix 2S. Today l'Weibo official account "Xiaomi Mix" announced that the brand new flagship MiMix 3 Forbidden City, Or the special edition, will be available in China for sale starting from the month of December.

I mix 3 weibo

In this article we have expressed what is the message that Xiaomi wanted to send to the whole world with the presentation of this new device: the relationship between tradition and modernity, therefore between culture and technology, which we see in the link between man and smartphone is something not to be forgotten and not to be missed. The special edition of the new device is precisely the perfect combination between tradition and modernity: flanked by the technological sliding method there is a whole Chinese sobriety that can be seen from the representation of 獬 豸 (xièzhì). From December the Chinese will be able to see on the shelves of the We Store this jewel characterized by the blue color typical of the Ming era vases; in fact, few know that this color is the same that was used by the emperor Ming Xuande, painter of extraordinary talent and recognized as the only emperor Ming with an artistic talent of great interest. It is therefore no coincidence, as we have certainly understood, if Xiaomi has chosen this same sapphire blue and that location for the presentation of the device.

Mi Mix 3 Forbidden City on sale in December in China

I mix 3 forbidden city

Culture apart from the special edition of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Forbidden City will bring aengraving as fine as silk on the fuselage representing the aforementioned sacred animal. The package will include the wireless charger, the custody for blue cellphone with the design of the legendary animal's head, a triennial card for exclusive internet traffic for the Forbidden City, a statuette of the legendary animal in bronze but laminated with 24K gold and the usual thanks of Lei Jun for buying the device. The price of this spectacular edition amounts to 4999 yuan, at the current exchange rate 634€: an astronomical figure if we consider the current prices of Xiaomi devices in China, but that will certainly not scare users of Middle-earth. When it comes to limited edition or details of a product, the Chinese immediately want to buy it and do not really make any problems for the exaggerated price: think about the edition of Huawei "Enjoy 7 Plus", 5000 pieces in all, created to celebrate the 30 years of KFC in China and snapped up within a few hours.

Unboxing Mi Mix 3

Lo Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 it's the latest smartphone Xiaomi released in 2018 and top of the range of the same brand. Thanks to the powerful processor Snapdragon 845 and an Adreno 630 GPU, is able to satisfy any kind of need (and even more). It is equipped with a SUPER AMOLED touchscreen display from 6.39 '' characterized by the innovative sliding mechanism, with a resolution of 1080 2340 pixels x. The dimensions are not contained and make it a device that is very close to the category "Phablet", placing it a step below (in terms of size) to the Xiaomi Mi Max 2. It is not slippery despite the size but it is more often than normal because of the sliding mechanism: the thickness is 8.5 mm. The weight is also greater than usual, with 218 g of . It is equipped with one dual cam 12 + 12 megapixel that allow you to take good pictures with one maximum resolution of 4032 x 3024 pixels and to register too videos in 4K at a maximum resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. At the network level, it is obviously equipped with a module LTE Dual 4G, Wi-Fi e Dual Frequency GPS (2 × 2 MIMO). The available memory cuts are 8 / 10 GB RAM 256 GB ROM and 6 / 8 GB RAM 128 ROM. At the network level, it is obviously equipped with a module LTE Dual 4G, Wi-Fi and Dual Frequency GPS (2 × 2 MIMO).

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