Mi Mix 4 will be there: here is the first poster published on Weibo

How lucky the devices have been Xiaomi Series Mix? His eyes shone when in the far distance 2016 the first came out Mi Mix: it was in fact the device that opened the doors to all smartphones full screen of all the other producers. Holding it was really a unique emotion, like when I received my first mobile phone. Then touch to Mi 2 Mix, a year later, device decidedly devoted to elegance since the rear body is entirely in ceramic: he too full screen although many complained about the presence of a very large chin compared to the competition. Last year then, here comes the device that revolutionizes the Mix series: the 3 Mi Mix. The revolution was brought by the sliding mechanism that allows you to unlock the smartphone, but also from the presence of the 5G form that we have learned to know only recently. And now? When the I mix 4? A poster announcing that there will certainly be e perhaps even within the year.

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Mi Mix 4: new poster

Mi Mix 4 will be there: here is the first poster published on Weibo

Comes from Weibo a mysterious poster that shows all the devices in chronological order. For convenience, we list the dates below, so you can make a comparison with regards to the exit times and maybe guess when the future heir of the Xiaomi home design will make his debut.

  • October 25 2016: Xiaomi Mi Mix comes out which opens the era of full screen smartphones;
  • 11 September 2017: the heir of the first in the Mix series comes out, namely the Mi Mix 2, an extremely elegant model with a completely ceramic B-side;
  • October 25 2018: the highly anticipated Mi Mix 3 comes out, which in addition to increasing the screen-display ratio, introduces the slider release mechanism.

From this brief overview we can see that from one device to another, the pause has always been around a year in particular from the first to the second model of 11 months, from the second to the third of a year. From this (we do not make predictions but only hypotheses) we can imagine that even the Mi Mix 4, depicted all the way to the right in the poster, it will come out up and down for that period and then between September and October.

Obviously, as far as software and hardware specifications are concerned, it is still early to give news, but we are expecting a configuration like this: MIUI 11 that will be powered by a Snapdragon 855 (possibly equipped with 5 module), flanked by a RAM memory that will start from 8GB and ROM that will start from 128GB. GPU? Who knows, maybe Xiaomi will amaze us with this, putting a beast on board to raise the bar and make other smart phone manufacturers tremble. For what concern price, as we already know, it won't be cheap and for what we are used to seeing with the Mix series, it will be justified by an exclusive feature: which one do you think?

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Mario Cassoli

Personally, I am convinced that everything concerning the patents of that Xiaomi full-screen design concerned the 4 mix ,. Idea strengthened today by the fact that the shape that appears in this poster coincides precisely with that design. Feature? Concealed front camera

not ready yet

It could also be the mi Mix 3 5g with the sd855

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