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Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Pro: the elite evolution of Mi headphones is coming

We haven't talked about in a while headphones. As we know, Xiaomi usually presents different types every year, but this year it has mainly focused on smartphones. At least this happened for the first half of 2020. But today we also talk about true wireless headphones (TWS) and let's see how the My True Wireless Earphones 2 Pro have just been certified by Wireless Consortium. This certification usually precedes the arrival of a product on the market overall, although it is not yet possible to say how much you will miss on arrival. But let's see what the certifying portal tells us.

The Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Pro are coming: an evolution of the previous headphones in the standard version, with premium design and more

Unfortunately it is not possible to know what the specific characteristics of the My True Wireless Earphones 2 Pro. However, we are sure that, as the name promises, they are equipped with the best technology for listening to music. Let's start from design: this is completely new and revolutionized by the previous versions of the brand's TWS headphones. We have some in-ear headphones that develop with a thin cigarette stick and with flat base.

My True Wireless Earphones 2 Pro

But the thing that immediately catches the eye is the shiny back headset. In fact, it seems that there is a large sensor for touch controls. The contrast between the glossy sensor and matte shell rough give a very visual sensation premium. We hope they are just as pleasant to touch. In particular, we expect the refill drawer to have a strong, snap-on lid that fits snugly when closed. For the rest we can only try to guess the features: Bluetooth 5.0, minimum latency (being Pro, we hope so at least), wireless charging to 1.5W (this is safe given the certification), nice big battery considering the measurements, by eye, of the case.

Doubtless they will not have a negligible cost: if we consider the band and the renewed design we think they will be around € 75 at launch. Honest price if the quality is what we expect, but not so correct if they look like the Mi True Wireless Air: quality not at the top but introductory price too high.

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Source | Wireless Consortium

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