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Mi4c: Front camera better than iPhone 6?

We're almost there, tomorrow will be officially presented the new one Xiaomi Mi4c! By now it seems to know everything about this smartphone, but day after day, even when there are less than 24 hours at the official launch, rumors about it do not seem to diminish, indeed! What will we talk about this time? Continue reading and you will discover it!

Xiaomi Mi4c Front Camera VS iPhone6 Camera!


Despite that Xiaomi Mi4c is officially presented only tomorrow, the Chinese company has already released some interesting information that see it as a protagonist, such as the presence of a connector USB Type-C, of the mode High-speed rail mode and functionality Double tap to wake.

Nowadays, new succulent details are added to these, once again provided by Xiaomi's vice president, Lin Bin, on his official Weibo profile.


In his post, the number two of Xiaomi it gives us information about some of the front camera's technical specifications Mi4c and does not miss the opportunity to make a (provocative) comparison between this and the one equipped on the 'iPhone6 di Apple .


The front of the camera Xiaomi Mi4c will be characterized by a sensor of 5 millions of pixels equipped with wide-angle lenses a 85%, in short a laugh for group selfie lovers. Thanks to these features, with the front of the camera Mi4c you will be able to shoot selfie where "you will be comfortable" even six or seven people.


As you mentioned earlier, you could not miss the comparison with what is considered the smartphone as an aptitude,iPhone of Apple. As you can see, the front camera of the bitten apple in this testanece head is slightly defeated. The photos taken with it Xiaomi Mi4c, as well as having a wider angle of vision, are also clearer and more detailed. What do you think of this guys? I do not hide from being an "hater" of Apple but I think that in these cases it is always better to try it with hand before judging! ; P

At this point it seems that there is nothing more to add about the technical specifications of the Xiaomi Mi4c, which we remember to be the following:

  • Display from 5 Full HD Thumbs;
  • Processor hexa core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808;
  • RAM Memories 2 / 3 GB and Interior of 16/32 (maybe also 64 GB!)
  • Front and rear cameras respectively of 5 e 13 megapixels;
  • Battery from 3120 mAh.

Though on some occasions it has been talked about, the only unknown is still the selling price, but it is now missing poco... tomorrow we will find out!


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