Mijia Action Cam 4K Review - Mini only in price

Mijia is the sub-brand of Xiaomi who after experiencing one room at 360 degrees, has recently submitted a new Action Cam characterized by excellent quality at a very low price. Often you hear about it GoPro killer, referring to those Action Cams that generally can be a viable alternative to the most prestigious GoPro, and thanks to the store Gearbest.com, thank you for sending the sample, you will be able to purchase the Xiaomi Mijia Action Cam 4K with a very technical and interesting feature card only 92 euro using the discount code 11nov132, unbalanced me by now calling it a best buy.

We devote a few lines to 'unboxing as the Xiaomi Mijia Action Cam 4K is present in the usual white cardboard with beautiful picture of the product and main features on the back and on the profiles. Inside beyond the room is only the battery is present, USB micro USB cable for charging and data transfer and a small manual in Chinese language with inside the QR Code to download the proprietary application, Mi Home, with which to link the Action Cam to the smartphone. Unfortunately there are no accessories or even any waterproof cases which will therefore be purchased separately. Who find the link for the purchase if you are not the official, but a third-party solution.

The Mijia Action Cam 4K comes with a design already seen on the Dash Cam that we reviewed for you here, in completely black color. The frame has a rough texture, looks sandstone, which helps the grip while the front looks almost velvety / rubberized. Made of plastic in the whole, it is elegant and well-assembled. The right profile is hosted the micro USB input for charging hidden by a small sliding door and the according to microphone, the left profile is free, except for a part of the battery compartment which is located in the lower profile where we find the indispensable inch by 1 / 4 to connect the camera to a tripod or to a variety of compatible accessories.

The battery compartment cover is newly conceived with spring and secure to unlock the opening, operation that once made shows us the entrance to micro SD cards (support up to 64 GB) and precisely the battery from 1450 mAh. The upper profile instead holds the slit for it system speaker, main microphone, a second led of operation and the on / off button.

The back is completely dedicated to 'wide and bright (3 brightness levels) touch display very reactive, from 2,4 inches with resolution 960 x 480 while the Action Cam front features the logo Mijia on the upper left corner, the LED indicating the battery charge status and operating status of the product and thelens with built-in UV filter wrapped up by a circular metal profile. The display does not enjoy good readability under direct sunlight but fortunately we can take advantage of WiFi connectivity, one-legged to 2.4 GHz, so that all our Mijia camera is framing on our smartphone display.

On the other hand, by defining the objective, we can say that one understands one glass lens made up of 7 elements with aperture f/ 2.8, angle of view FOV equal to 145 °, EFL (focal length) by 3.2 mm and precisely integrated UV filter. The lens is controlled by the sensor Cmos Sony IMX 317 Exmor R to 8 megapixel which allows video recordings up to 4K at 30 fps (NTSC mode while PAL going down to 25 fps) or shooting photos in both 4: 3 and 16: 9 with maximum resolution of 3840 x 2160 in JPG or in JPG+DNG a valid alternative to the heaviest RAW format.

That said, on the Mijia Action Cam 4K we support one electronic stabilizer (BMI160 IMU Bosch) EIS is 6 axis (3 gyroscope, 3 accelerometer) combined with Ambarella processor A12S75 guarantee exceptional output for both video and photo. You can not set clarity and contrast but the basic setting offered by the Mijia Action Cam 4K is really well balanced with colors true to true shades. For example, the sky does not have that blue-like effect that we can usually find in other Action Cams, at least in 4K format recording, while sometimes in Full HD mode, the dominant yellow-color tendency is obvious, and then corrected the post-production video.

Images never seem to be too deformed and in any case the fish-eye effect can be deleted through the settings. The stabilizer seems to work very well even in horizontal directional changes, while in cameras the camera is very fast but the reliability in low light conditions tends to waver despite the adoption of CMOS with a larger surface than the standard.

The double microphone also manages to capture the audio optimally, even if it remains an Action Cam and therefore destined for situations where audio is not always indispensable, therefore the lack of the ability to connect an external microphone is felt. You can not change the shutter resolution for photos but just set the 16 format: 9 or 4: 3 or choose pre-set color profiles (Standard, Bright, Art, Film and Classic). Overall, the photos are of good quality although in some cases the end result might seem a bit "dirty".

Battery from 1450 mAh he manages to secure one maximum duration Full HD video recording at 60 fps around 2 hours (we go down to 1.5 hours with 4K resolution at 30 fps), with a charging that takes about an hour and a half. Autonomy in line with the other Action Cam of rival brands.

The great news is that on Xiaomi Mijia Action Cam 4K we will find firmware in English and not just Chinese, allowing us a really user friendly use. In fact, from the Home screen, you need to swipe in the various directions to access the menus, just like we do on various Android smartphones.

Swipe to the right to access recording modes, such as Video, Time Lapse, Slow Motion, Loop Record, Video + Photo, Photo, Timer, Burst, Time Lapse Photo. Swipe to the left to access the gallery of video recordings and photos taken with the camera, and then swipe down to access the quick settings that include the Settings shortcut, turn on WiFi, lock screen, and turn off the camera.

Also, from the main screen in the bottom right corner there is the settings icon through which to set the parameters for resolution, quality, activate / deactivate lens distortion, enable / disable the EIS, mute the microphone, set the Stamp (date / time / date and time) on the video / photo image, choose the auto exposure value (multizone, center-weighted average, spot) increase / decrease the EV exposure, choose the IS valueOr, white balance and much more depending on the recording mode you choose.

To start a video recording or take a picture, just press the shutter button once that will be pressed again during video recording to end the recording. In case you have enabled it shutting down the screen (from 30 seconds to 5 minutes) then you have to push the shutter button to activate the unlock menu that will be done by swiping from top to bottom.

Through the 'Mi Home application we will have all the setting of the Mijia Action Camera 4K as well as the possibility of take advantage of a grid to facilitate shooting and shooting e change the default WiFi password inside the room. Undoubtedly, the application comes to the rescue where the Mijia room display becomes difficult to read or when we are not comfortable in using it, it comes to mind, for example, during a motocross ride where the room is placed on the biker's helmet.

In conclusion I can safely say that the performance offered by the price is quite competitive. The Mijia Action Cam 4K does not in any way want to unleash the thrilling GoPro from the throne, but in any case it can be a viable alternative without compromising the final quality of the video shot. The room is complete with a large touchscreen, high quality video and audio, and great WiFi connectivity that allows us to connect it to our smartphone. The flawless one is the lack of any kind of accessory in the box, for charity on the various store they find quite a lot at affordable prices but the waterproof case would have been a plus, and instead will be purchased separately. The summer is still far away and so we have time to spare ourselves by buying it separately, but you do not have to get away with this interesting product that Gearbest.com offers the price of only 92 Euro using ours discount code 11nov132.

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8.6 Total score
Mijia Action Cam 4K

A complete room offering delightful and mini performance is just the selling price. It's a shame about the lack of a waterproof case, a lack that you can forgive because of the excellent video / audio / photo rendering.

  • 4K 30 FPS
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