MiKey: our review, how it works and how to install it

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In this article we want to review and explain the operation of the MiKey "multifunctional" button that Xiaomi announced in early April.

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The operation of the Xiaomi MiKey is simple: instead of keeping the Jack in your smartphone "free", you can use this revolutionary accessory to use some combination of clicks to quickly and easily launch additional features of your device or just open applications.

The possible combinations are maximum 10, with well 10 different actions to set.

The Chinese market price is set at 4.9 Yuan, about 50 cents at our exchange rate, but you can safely find it at around 3,50 around the well-known export sites like AliExpress.com.

Unfortunately, MiKey is only compatible with devices that have the legendary ROM Miui, since it is necessary to have the official MiKey application on its smartphone for its operation.


This application is available, after the latest updates, for all the owners of the Miui and completely translated into Italian, but for those who have not it will be possible to download it from the official site of Xiaomi Europa at this link, with the possibility to choose from the various languages ​​available.

We leave you to our official video review, which will explain how you work and how to install the MiKey "key" on your device.

Photos: MiKey: our review, how it works and how to install it

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