Update Mint Browser and exit Cleaner Lite (no ads) to free up space

Perhaps few know that before being a brand that builds smartphones and other tools for the home, rather than for the simplification of life in general, Xiaomi was a software house. In fact, the company of Lei Jun he tried his hand at producing systems and applications, which he continues to do today: last year we talked about one of the brand's proprietary apps that could go and replace the integrated browser completely and improve the user experience thanks at a relatively low weight and not bad speed. Let's talk about Mint Browser, which today received a update that simplifies its use and it increases intuitiveness. In addition to this update we inform you about another app of the house, that is Cleaner Lite: it is an application that allows delete files from the recycle bin, double photos and large files without weighing on memory residual of our Mi Phone.

Update Mint Browser and exit Cleaner Lite (no ads) to free up space

For Mint Browser, the innovations introduced are the instant translation of the web pages but above all an entirely new interface that simplifies the use a lot.

Compared to before, now we can see that some shortcuts have been implemented and made more intuitive than the others. For example in the first photograph we can see how the shortcut to access YouTube via browser: for those who do not like, like me, the use of the platform through the application, from today can access it easily by clicking on that button. Later, for the more dedicated to "bath" games was added a shortcut (the second in blue) that leads to a whole series of Miniclip style games that can be used directly on the browser

. We already know the third and fourth shortcuts: it is the download folder, where we find all the files we have downloaded, and that for open more tabs for navigation. In these latter cases, nothing is surprising but the speed of opening.

We then move on to the new app Cleaner Lite. Xiaomi is giving a lot of weight to the amount of junk data on devices, a factor that not all manufacturers calculate properly. With this app that weighs only 32 MB we will have the chance to get rid of these data in just one click: simply opening it automatically starts the cleaning of trash, double photos and large files which are too many and which slow down the smartphone system. In a way, Cleaner Lite is dedicated to those who don't have the trouble to open the app "Safety”And wait for the long process of processes (although optional) such as the security check and emptying the cache before being able to go back to using the device. But icing on the cake this application is absolutely without advertising.

To proceed with the download, click here: Mint Browser e Cleaner Lite. Remember that these apps are added to the already existing ones I File Manager, ShareMe, Xiaomi Home, I Calculator, I Remote Controller, App Vault, What is Wi-Fi e POCO Launcher 2.

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