The new Xiaomi Mi TV 8K was revealed in a photo by mistake

No, it is not an official launch or even a teaser as you can read in the title: it is an error that will trigger not a little hype among the users of Xiaomi and not only. Today a famous Chinese actress showed up in Xiaomi's studios to give gifts to employees and between one shot and another we also ran away the one that portrays a big Mac on which the next product is reported in red letters TV of the biggest Chinese brand. We are talking about the new one Xiaomi Mi TV 8K: although we don't have any information yet, we can hypothesize that the next one 17 September in India, on the occasion of SmarterLiving 2020, this will be the flagship product.

The new Xiaomi Mi TV 8K was revealed in a photo by mistake

As we said it is really early to make predictions but many give it for that date and this is not to be excluded considering that in the poster dedicated to the festival the main product seems to be just a television. In any case, returning to the I TV 8K we can clearly see how the image shows the writing "Pro"That characterizes the televisions that have that + compared to the standards. We also see a writing that says something like "8K support all around": We obviously don't know what we are referring to but one thing is certain, which is that this is the first television with this resolution

(7680 × 4320 pixel) of the Chinese brand and this will really bring him a ton of money considering also the quality / price ratio which his products usually sell.

We know that Xiaomi is investing a lot in this sector and we can say it because the numbers, especially in India and China, confirm this: in a short time, especially in the first country, the Chinese giant has routed the competition becoming the leading TV and Smart TV manufacturer. Secondly also the sub-brand Redmi has recently launched his first huge TV from 70 " with 4K resolution. Finally, according to what was announced (indirectly) by Manu Kumar Jain, on the occasion of the event scheduled for the 17 September, in addition to the launch of various products dedicated to the living, we will also see the'introduction of Netflix streaming platform support for brand TVs.

Imagine that combo: new Xiaomi Mi TV 8K with Integrated Netflix and moreover vocally commanded. One thing we used to do was just think, but thanks to Xiaomi he is entering everyone's homes. We just have to wait a few days and see: what do you think?

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