MIUI 10 Global Stable: here is the release date for Xiaomi smartphones

We entered a moment of pause by the MIUI developers, but there is no lack of good news, as a sort of calendar for the release of the new MIUI 10 update for Xiaomi devices that are missing from the appeal. In fact, remember that some models have already received the update to the Global Stable and below you can find the download links in case the OTA notification has not yet arrived.

Xiaomi Redmi 7 Global
Xiaomi Redmi 7 Global

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MIUI 10 Global Stable: here is the release date for Xiaomi smartphones

miui 10

  • Half October
    • I 5S
    • We 5S Plus
    • My Notes 3
    • We are Max 2
    • Mi Max Prime
    • I Max
    • Redmi Note 5A
    • Redmi Notes 5A Prime
    • Redmi Notes 4 / 4X (Qualcomm)
    • redmi 6
    • Redmi 6A
    • redmi 5
    • Redmi 5A
    • Redmi 4X
    • Redmi 4A
  • Beginning November
    • My 4
    • My 3
    • Redmi Notes 4 (MediaTek)
    • Redmi Notes 3 Qualcomm
    • Redmi Note 3 Special Edition
    • Redmi 4 Prime
    • Redmi 3S / 3X

We recommend it, but it is not essential, always a data backup, if possible, a clean flash with every update of this type, while the most anticipated novelties concern theAI Preloading, feature that uses artificial intelligence to speed up the opening of the most used apps. Furthermore the graphical interface has been completely redesigned, making the UI very similar to what is offered by Android 9, such as the new volume slider. And have you already updated? Do you find any improvements or bugs? Let us know everything by writing in the comments box below.

Are you looking forward to receiving the new MIUI 10 on your device or have not upgraded yet and are keeping your current firmware tight? Give your opinion in the comments box below.


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(VANTAGGIST) roberto putano
not ready yet
(VANTAGGIST) roberto putano

For pocophone when the building arrives?

Davide Zanardi
not ready yet
Davide Zanardi

And the Redmi 5 Plus ??

Domenico Franciullo

good evening I have a max mi 2 the miu 10 stable when it will arrive for this device I read that it had to arrive for October but nothing gives me confirmation if there were any delays thanks

Domenico Franciullo

why the stable 10 miu is not yet present via ota for the max 2 I had read that it would be available for October November but to date nothing thanks yet

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