MIUI 11 also for Xiaomi Mi 6 but no Android 10 while for Mi 8 SE it comes in the form of beta

The official roadmap to the release of MIUI 11 is proceeding smoothly and here is as promised to get the glorious Xiaomi Mi 6 upgrade to MIUI 11 in China Stable version. The update comes in the form of OTA and this bodes well that even the Global branch will soon receive the coveted upgrade. In particular the software build is the MIUI which introduces all the new features of the new Xiaomi interface but unfortunately it is still based on Android 9 Pie, also considering the size that is equal to 535 MB, leaving a bitter taste in the mouth of all the users who have been holding the former top of the line for a long time.

It was in fact the 2017 spring when Lei Jun's company released Mi 6 and it is therefore plausible to think that we will most likely never see Google's major release on the device except as a Custom ROM.

MIUI 11 also for Xiaomi Mi 6 but no Android 10 while for Mi 8 SE it comes in the form of beta

Different destiny instead for another device, the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE, ex mid range of the Mi 8 series, which fortunately was chosen among the lucky models that will be updated to Android 10. In fact, with the latest beta release of the MIUI software, the 9.10.23 version, in addition to the security patches updated in October, 2019, the changelog is enriched precisely by the note referring to Android 10.

Also in this case we talk about the Chinese branch and therefore if you already have the MIUI 11 China Developer, you will receive the update via OTA with a weight of around 2 GB. But all that glitters is not gold as probably for us westerners the MIUI 11 will never arrive, given the absence of Global ROM for this device: in fact in the official roadmap there is no trace of Mi 8 SE. At the moment the only Italian model to have received the MIUI 11 in the Global version was Xiaomi Mi 9T.

miui 11

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