MIUI 11 definitively introduces the app drawer

Who knows the MIUI well from the first versions knows very well what it means a system without App Drawer, seen by many as a boon for the order inside the home of your smartphone while by others seen as a sort of psychological block with respect to the philosophy behind the Android open source system. Too complicated to explain, the fact is that even Xiaomi began to lower its head, first with the launch of the POCO Launcher having to introduce for the first time at software level (developed by the company) an app drawer, later with the alpha release -06141703 of MIUI Launcher, and finally with the addition of the app drawer feature within the MIUI 11 China Stable.

MIUI 11 definitively introduces the app drawer

Honestly I have never seen the absence of the app drawer as a lack, indeed the opposite, but many instead have often turned to third-party launcher in order to have this feature, giving up too often animations and advantages of the MIUI system. But Xiaomi is always attentive to the needs and requirements of its users, so with future updates you can decide whether to enable the app drawer or stay the old way. Once activated, the app drawer is called up with a swipe from bottom to top (in the Google style): the apps used recently and, subsequently, all the others in alphabetical order will appear at the top of the screen. To close the drawer just tap on the arrow at the top.

In fact, as you can see from the photo above, the possibility of choosing the end user is given and therefore neither one nor the other way of displaying the app will be imposed. Unfortunately it has not yet been announced when the new update that introduces the app drawer will be released so for us Westerners it will be necessary to wait some more time, unless you have already installed on your terminal a ROM of the xiaomi.eu team that already from time introduced this new feature.

Or waiting for the official release you can try to install the APK of the alpha version of MIUI Launcher, which you can download by clicking on the button below. It must be said that Xiaomi is increasingly coming to terms with the dictates of Google. just note that in the latest devices of the Chinese brand the Messages app and the Phone dialer are practically the ones we find on board the Pixels.

MIUI Launcher (alpha)

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not ready yet

I will wait for it to arrive in the global and European ROM, today talking about MIUI launcher I have a problem: I have the stable version and I receive updates in this version but I noticed a strange thing I think is a bug…. often alone the launcher changes version and from stable passes to the beta I do not know why I tried well to uninstall and delete everything but nothing after a while I get updates to the launcher in beta when I have the ROM in stable version bho I sent many feedback I hope fixano in the future otherwise I will keep the beta version hoping... Read the rest »

Cardillo butter
Cardillo butter

Referring to the last passage of the article, I hope someone finds a way to get us back to the Xiaomi dialer and app messages (Google's ones suck) I would even be willing to root the new Cell to get them back. We accept advice

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