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Not many days ago on the I Global Community the moderators asked for the preference of the modes on their smartphones. There are those who prefer the Dark Mode, mainly for a greater energy saving of the battery, is who the Light Mode. The latter does not allow autonomy like the first, but in any case thanks to theoptimization of the MIUI 12 does its job. Today's news is the "birth" of two new features within the Dark Mode. In particular, there are two options that have just been integrated into the Chinese beta with number of build 20.10.19. Let's go see the details.

The Dark Mode on MIUI 12 will bring two new functions: "Adapt Wallpapers to Dark Mode" and "Adapt text and background automatically"

One of the latest changes the developers have made to the MIUI 12 it was about animations and in particular i Super wallpapers. With one of the latest updates the company made the Super wallpapers more fluid and solved those problems that caused them to crash in an anomalous way. An optimization will also come for the Dark Mode: according to what has been revealed, there will be two news. The first is called "Adapt Wallpapers to Dark Mode"And the second"Fit text and background automatically". Here's what they will do.


By accessing the "More Dark Mode options”We'll get to the interface we see in the clip above. By choosing the first option it will be possible to do adapt the colors of the wallpaper we set to dark mode. This means that that problem brought the screen to a gray tint after updating to MIUI 12 will not show up again. Secondly, the other change will be what it will allow adjust the text to dark mode: it is not clear what it means specifically but we are sure that it is an improvement in the text / background contrast. When the writing is white on a black background, then the brightness will be "dimmed" so as not to bother the eyes.

In addition to these changes there will also be other options to choose from:

  • brightness control;
  • reading mode;
  • anti-flicker mode activation;
  • color combination customization;
  • font customization.

We don't know when these features will arrive in the Global ROM, but we are sure they will arrive.

5 December 2020 22: 57
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