MIUI 12 and privacy: Xiaomi will blur our GPS position, here's how

With the MIUI 12 Xiaomi has decided (contrary to what it may seem) to bet a lot on privacy. It is something that users have been clamoring for and that the brand has not felt not to listen to. Although some time ago one came out news that the proprietary browser was tracking our data, it seems that the Chinese giant has made sure to be forgiven with new features. Let's see one concerning the GPS and positioning of users. In fact, it enters into phase Beta test, a feature that allows you to blur our position. Here are the details.

The blurry GPS positioning will allow a slightly better privacy protection on MIUI 12, but not absolute: but will it really be needed or not?

According to what was revealed by the developers of MIUI 12, would come into phase Beta test a new feature that would allow "Hide" our position and therefore safeguard privacy. How many of us use GPS? Virtually all of them, unless we have a TomTom-type navigator in our car. Well, with the new feature (we can clearly see it in the image below) the our position will not be clear and precise

. This means that we will not figure as a dot rather as alarger area


miui 12 cares about privacy: blurred positioning of the gps

Ultimately the system will collect information only about the approximate location and does not specify. Furthermore, there is another novelty. As this is a substantial update, it will be necessary re-grant permissions to the application. Here the brand has decided to implement a function blank pass: practically MIUI 12, upon acceptance of the request for access to contacts and phone calls, will send fictitious data to the system, Empty. This is another step towards greater protection of sensitive data.

miui 12: blank pass functionality for blurred positioning

This is the above blank pass option to grant dummy data

In short, Xiaomi is giving it all but a doubt arises: you really need these additional settings? And above all, is it not possible to act upstream by preventing the collection of this data (fictitious or not)?

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