MIUI 12: here are the 12 most interesting features

A few days ago the new MIUI 12 system interface was finally presented, which is completely renewed in the graphic aspect, adding some very interesting features. Going beyond the controversial aspect resulting from some, i.e. the natural inspiration to Apple's iOS system, MIUI 12 is already available in the form of a beta closed for many devices, waiting for the public beta to be published, scheduled for May 7, let's try to take a close look at the 12 most interesting features that this new version will bring to our devices.

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MIUI 12: here are the 12 most interesting features

1. New icons, characters and animations

As mentioned, the main novelties are directly visible in the renewed graphics of MIUI 12, where we can admire new icons redesigned for the Limitless and Classic themes. We also find a new battery icon and new animations: the window expands directly from the app and returns to the icon when you open or exit an app. Also noteworthy is a radical change for the type of font used by the system, giving a more modern and more marked appearance, making the interface more readable even if the display is more contained and less resolute.

2. New control panel

Here the similarities with the iOS system are decidedly marked, but on the other hand, if copying something that is aesthetically and functionally valid, why judge it badly? Xiaomi therefore also completely renews the control panel, which is also modified through a series of improved animations. Know that if you don't like this new graphic you can always go back to the old style of MIUI 11, through the settings.

You can access the notification area by sliding your finger across the top left of the display. Notifications from the same app are listed together and can be individually expanded by swiping down on the bubble or by long-pressing the notification group.

3. Android 10 based gestures

As regards the on-screen navigation gestures, in MIUI 12 we approach the standard offered by Android 10, confirming the rumors about the fact that Xiaomi will increasingly tend to an interface in some ways Googlecentric. In fact, the functionality of the gestures is a request that is partly mandatory by Google, which has started to request the inclusion of these gestures as part of the standardization process of any Android device.

4. App Drawer

To be honest this feature is not new for owners of brand devices and the MIUI interface. In fact, we already find the possibility to decide whether or not to apply the App Drawer choice. But if until now it was only the Global versions to benefit from this feature, with MIUI 12 this will be integrated natively on all versions.

miui 12

5. Super Wallpapers

A feature, or rather a graphic aspect, which has been much appreciated in the new Xiaomi system interface, is the addition of Super Wallpapers. In addition to the high definition to which they are proposed, it is possible to admire the effects that start from unlocking the phone up to the home of the phone. At the moment there are only two "themes" wallpaper available but it is certainly a starting point for the many content creators who will enrich this new "world" over time.

6. Animations in the Settings

The new animations do not only concern the main screen or the control panel, but turn out to be a distinctive sign of the whole new MIUI 12, also extending within the Settings and the sections they contain. For example, we find new animations about the state of use of the battery, as well as in the part of memory used, making the use of these contents more pleasant and immediate.

7. Moving windows

This function was already available in MIUI 11 but limited to very few system applications, such as the Calculator. Now, however, the support extends to a large number of applications, effectively extending a new concept of multi tasking. To activate the function, go to the Recents menu and touch the Floating windows option in the upper left. Alternatively, you can also launch floating windows by long pressing on an app preview in the Recent menu or by tapping on the floating window option in the Control Center.

8. Global Dark Mode

The new dark mode of MIUI 12 will allow us to adapt the interface to practically any third-party application, even if this is not specifically designed in Dark Mode or Google's dark theme. The new dark mode can invert colors or force dark backgrounds that should normally be light. With this we will avoid that significant change when moving from an application with Dark Mode to one that does not. Furthermore, the new Dark Mode 2.0 of MIUI 12, will allow you to adapt the applications themselves that already bring with them a dark mode, improving their colors and making all apps similar.

miui 12


9. Share me

The file sharing system is also renewed, expanding this to a multiplatform system. This, in addition to allowing us to quickly and easily send files to other Xiaomi, allows the exchange between devices of other brands such as Oppo, Realme o Vivo. Furthermore, this new feature will allow us to easily share files with Xiaomi laptops or even with Redmi's RedmiBooks. However, the feature may be limited to China as the brand's notebooks are not officially available in all countries of the world.

10. Gallery and File Manager

New features are also present in the File Manager and the Gallery app. The feature is called Memories, through which we can create collages or short videos using existing images / videos: you can choose the orientation, add text and edit each image individually, add music, effects and much more. Likewise, the File Manager will allow us to classify all our files and folders in a more organized way, in the Explorer style of Windows systems.

11. New Health app

Another of the application-level improvements we can enjoy in MIUI 12 is the renewed Health app. Now we will have new functions to improve our physical state and our mental well-being. Similarly, Xiaomi has added a new sleep monitor, which can also record our snoring while we sleep to analyze the various stages of sleep and obtain REM status with greater precision.

12. Privacy

What is certainly important to users is the respect and control of their privacy. Xiaomi therefore adds a new security system that will be able to notify us at any time about the use of our location by applications, but also regarding the request for access to the camera and microphone without our authorization. Finally, there is another function called Mask System, which returns dummy or blank messages by default when any third party application is trying to access the call log or messages. This is done to prevent untrusted apps from reading our private data.

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3 months ago

Jeszcze nikt w komentarzach nie napisał że APK aparatu robi gorsze zdjęcia?

Alessandro Romani
6 months ago

The new feautures are interesting, but I would like to know if with the new MIUI-12 unlocking via bluetooth peripherals (not Xiaomi) will finally be implemented. Thanks

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