MIUI 12 has arrived, do you like it? More than 100.000 users respond

Although the MIUI 12 has not reached everyone in Europe, the vast majority of Chinese users have cast their vote about their satisfaction with thecustom interface of Xiaomi. In fact, as far as their repositories are concerned, many have received the update and when you read (like us) they are experimenting with new features such as Super wallpapers and anything else. A. Has been opened within the official Chinese forum survey that asks precisely to the Chinese how satisfied they are with the new skin. They replied in total 108.000 people: a small part of Chinese users, but fundamental for the brand.

More than 100.000 Chinese users have expressed their opinion about the new MIUI 12: what do you think?

It is a ridiculous part if we think of the millions of users, but it is also vital because as we know the work of the brand (whether it is Xiaomi or Redmi) it's based on community feedback. Although it does not seem the Chinese one is definitely more important than the global one since the users of the middle earth are the first to receive new features (sometimes different from ours) and therefore also the first to send feedback to the company via the forum itself. In any case: the Will MIUI 12 appeal to users on the other side of the world?


miui 12

This is the post from the official Chinese forum where users are asked if they are satisfied with MIUI 12 or not

We read at the top "The stable version of MIUI 12 has arrived / is coming! do you think the updated system is suitable for you

"? In total 108.000 users replied and in order:

  • 42.000 people said the system is "Awesome, incredible";
  • 39.000 people replied that "I have just started using it, I still have to understand it well in depth";
  • 29.000 people said "Xiaomi is damn beautiful”In reference to the MIUI version. This last expression was "censored”In Chinese through the cow and beer emoticons. The reason is purely linguistic and the original meaning is something vulgar, which however also means "something beautiful".

Ultimately, at least in China, users are super satisfied with this update. But you? What do you think? In answering us, please, don't ask us when updates arrive for your model because we don't know. As we have repeatedly stressed, we are not developers and we do not have the dates for the MIUI 12 update release, nor much of the security patches.

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Source | Mi Community

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5 months ago

I have a Redmi Note 8T and I am very satisfied with it, apart from that I have not yet had the update to MIUI 12, which has to arrive for my phone and I have been waiting for it for months

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