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MIUI 13 official: never so fluid and complete | Device list

MIUI 13 has been released today together with Xiaomi 12 and many new products and services. This release has been talked about a lot in recent months and has been the subject of all sorts of rumors. Finally the company has officially revealed it and so let's go and see all the main news. All of this is clearly exclusive to China at the moment. The launch of the version MIUI 13 Global it is expected for the first months of next year.

MIUI 13 is official: Xiaomi presents the thirteenth proprietary skin based on Android 12. All the news and features in detail

Let's start with the first thing that the company revealed about MIUI 13. The giant has taken the problem of system optimization seriously in the last few six months. The team of developers, together with Thiel Labs, jointly built a fluency assessment model to guide optimization goals. The fluidity of the whole system has been significantly improved. In the tests of evaluation of Master Lu Xiaomi is now in first place overall. After only 36 months of continuous use, the Read and write performance degradation is less than 5%.

MIUI privacy, the application dedicated to privacy and safety of our smartphone, has been revolutionized in functions. This time MIUI 13 added three privacy protection features: face verification protection, privacy watermarking and protection from electronic fraud. As for the facial verification, the application will actually capture the entire upper body. A new one is added to MIUI 13 shooting mode for privacy, cutting-edge intelligent face recognition both for unlocking and for any payments via facial recognition.

miui 13: performance and improvements

As for the cosmetic changes, MIUI 13 brings a new system font called MiSans. This is simple and flat, with a minimalist design, which is more conducive to on-screen viewing. With rich Opentype features, such as the height of the dashes, it can automatically adapt to uppercase and lowercase letters, making the layout more delicate. MIUI developers have worked with Beauty Science to bring new backgrounds, using a polarization microscope to record the shape and changes in crystal formation through 8K time-lapse photography.

miui 13: telescope wallpapers and backgrounds
These are the backgrounds we speak of poco sopra

Another novelty are the widgets in iOS style. MIUI 13 will support a wide range of widgets to use functions quickly and rather practical. Many custom widgets allow you to easily match the desktop. There are some interesting widgets like the "Super Countdown Day"Which is just a countdown that can be used according to our goals (New Year's Eve, special events, etc.), and the"Drink a lot of water". It is a widget that counts back the time within which you have to drink a glass of water for the daily needs of our body.

As we said a few days ago, MIUI 13 will also be for tablets and for the foldable smartphones of the future. At the moment we know that approx 3000 applications have been adapted to the big screen, so that applications can be presented in the best way and not every inch is wasted. Another really cool thing is that you can use the Windows-like shortcuts on the tablet keyboard. The new MIUI will use them at the system level even when, for example, we will use the Office package.

Another novelty of MIUI 13 is the My Magic Center. This allows content to flow naturally between devices. We just have to drag and drop the content we need to stream to the device we want to stream to. We will also be able to use stickers for to distinguish e decoration our devices, making it easier to find what we need.

xiaomi magic center

Models compatible with MIUI 13 and release date

MIUI 13 will start to be distributed from January 2022, arriving on (China and Global models)

  • Xiaomi Civi,
  • Xiaomi MIX 4
  • Redmi K40 Game Enhanced Edition
  • Notes redmi 10 Pro
  • Xiaomi 11Ultra
  • Xiaomi 11 Pro
  • Xiaomi 11
  • Xiaomi 11 Youth Edition
  • Xiaomi pad 5
  • xiaomi pad 5 pro
  • Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro 5G
  • Xiaomi 10S
  • Redmi K40 Pro
  • Redmi K40
  • Redmi K30S Extreme Edition
  • Redmi K30 Extreme Edition
  • Xiaomi 10 Extreme Edition
  • Xiaomi 10
  • Xiaomi 10 Pro
  • Redmi K30 Pro
  • Redmi K30 5G
  • Redmi K30i 5G
  • Redmi K30
  • Xiaomi 10 Young Edition
  • Notes redmi 9 Pro
  • Redmi Note 10
  • Redmi Note 11 5G
  • Redmi Note 9 4G
  • Redmi Note 9
  • Redmi 10X Pro
  • Redmi 10X
  • Xiaomi CC9 Pro
  • Xiaomi 12 Pro
  • Xiaomi 12
  • Xiaomi 12X

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2 years ago

Why is Xiaomi Mi 9T not listed? What will there be new updates for this model?
Thanks in advance

2 years ago

An adjustment to the proximity sensor? And faster closing of calls.

2 years ago

It sucks! They took away a lot of things in Android 12! The opening of certain links directly with the apps etc etc etc and the fluidity is the same

2 years ago

Good evening everyone, reading the list of devices that will be updated I don't see the MI 10T PRO ... Is it a spelling error or has it been deleted from the devices to be updated ???

2 years ago

because impossible positionnement xioami sim cards

2 years ago

No upgrade for 11T pro?