Official: MIUI 13 will not be released in June (and not even this year)

La MIUI 13 has been on everyone's lips since MIUI 12 debuted. This happened because on the Official site, at the time, the company wrote his name. He did so not to announce his arrival, as clear, but to say that the thirteenth release will arrive at some time. Unofficial Chinese sources have proposed a date for the release of this skin. Let's analyze the reasons why we shouldn't trust in believing it will come out this year.


When will MIUI 13 be released for Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones? An alleged date comes out, but here's why we shouldn't trust these rumors

According to a unofficial MIUI channel, held by Indian users, it is rumored that the MIUI 13 will debut in a few months, specifically the 25nd June. To get our hands on it, it was clearly said that this is a rumor and it has by no means been confirmed. This is obviously a fake news as the MIUI 13 will not debut either in June, nor within the year. It is much more likely that the new skin will arrive in 2022, presumably around April (MIUI 12 launch month in China).

But for what reasons do we say so? They are different in reality, let's see them together. First, the release of the stable MIUI 12.5 (in China) started from poco

, so it really is poco plausible that the company releases after two months or poco minus a different skin. Similarly, in Europe, the release of the stable version is expected for second quarter (therefore starting from June). Secondly, the source is not the most reliable, indeed, it is not at all. This is not a channel that divulges news but that disclose updates. Infine, on Chinese social networks and blogs there is absolutely no mention of MIUI 13.

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Ergo, in our opinion these rumors are not to be trusted. We await an official announcement from Xiaomi.


As if it were needed, a Xiaomi executive has just communicated (that his statements via Weibo profile) that the MIUI 13 will not be released in May nor in June. The figure is Wang Hua, head of the group's public relations department. Xiaomi's proprietary Android skin it won't even come out in 2021. Consequently, from today on, all the news regarding MIUI 13 are to be considered false.

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3 days ago

Good evening,
I often buy your products and now I would also be interested in a washing machine.
When will it be marketed in Italy?
Thank you and good day


jigsaw puzzle
9 days ago

I look forward to the launch of MIUI 13 and the new changes it can make. Hope the user will be used in the near future - ​​The Italian community for Xiaomi products