MIUI 14: we already talk about her but without knowledge of the facts

While the spread of MIUI 13 is becoming more and more concrete, as we have seen for the Redmi Note 9 which has also updated to Android 12, some are starting to talk about the MIUI 14. It has already happened in the past: with the release of version 12, we saw the first leaks on version 13 on the same day. And today, as then, the same thing is happening. Before going to see all the information we have, we want to make a clarification: no, the MIUI 14 is not coming as you think and even if it were, it will not come soon. That said, let's go see today's news.

We start talking about MIUI 14 but unfortunately, as often happens, we run into fake news born from the desire to make visualizations

<strong>The Eurobursar</strong> Xiaomiui announced that the MIUI 14 is in the pipeline. The source very often throws atomic bombs when it comes to upcoming launches, especially as yet unknown software versions… as in this case. Personally, when we talk about the Android skin of Xiaomi smartphones I prefer to rely on Miuipolska and specifically a Kacper Skrzypek. He, a former XDA developer, is also one of the managers of Xiaomi.eu, and is among the people who know more about it. And for today's news I prefer to rely on him. But let's get back to the bomb.

Xiaomiui found indications from the source code of the Android skin that the brand is preparing a new version. Inside the string (which we see below) appears the number 14 which, according to the source, would indicate the existence andimminent arrival of MIUI 14. However, that's not quite the case and in the team's reasoning there are several flaws.

miui 14

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The photo below is from the function file isHideStkIcon which serves to check if there is a condition in which the SIM Tools icon (an application that allows you to adjust various things about our operator) will be hidden from the desktop. This function will be performed when the MIUI launched on our smartphone is not the Global version and the code version value is greater than or equal to 14 (incidentally, the value refers to the variable ro.miui.ui.version.code) Or when the device on which the function occurs has the code name Nuwa o fuxi. So here is the first of the inaccuracies:

  • that number 14 does not indicate the arrival of the MIUI 14, but it is a reference value

Xiaomiui it also states that two new smartphones with names are on the way Nuwa e fuxi. If you have read carefully, these two names they do not refer to two devices but to two functions. Here is the second inaccuracy:

  • fuxa e nuwi they are not two smartphones but two reference values ​​or rather, codenames for reference values

But how do we justify all this? The variable ro.miui.ui.version.code (or the number 14 that we see) does not indicate the current version of MIUI, but the version of its code. What is the difference? While for MIUI 13 this variable takes on the value 13 la MIUI 12 has the number 10. MIUI 12.5 had the code version 11 while the 12.5 Enhanced corresponded to the number 12. So, in the case of version 13, it is a case if the two numbers are the same. Therefore, we can say that the reasoning is a little water on all sides.

That said: will the MIUI 14 be released? Yes, no doubt it will come out but not in August as the source states. You will understand for yourself that it is absurd that Xiaomi launches the new version even a year after the release of the previous one. Last thing to consider is that the release of a version of the MIUI is ALWAYS preceded by a suspension of the updates of the Beta branch. Which, at the moment, is not there.


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