MIUI will prevent overheating of the battery being charged with this function

A few months ago we saw that the MIUI will introduce with an update a feature that will allow you to see the battery status of our device. Apparently, however, this will not be the only news that will come in the future. Evidently the importance of the battery on a smartphone it is increasingly clear to companies e Xiaomi for its part, it wants to give users tools to make charging cells safer and more efficient. A well-known member of XDA Developers found clues to an interesting feature in the Android skin code.

MIUI will insert a feature while we play with the smartphone: this will prevent the device from recharging and make the battery safer

What kacskrz found in the MIUI code is a feature that at the moment is present only on Redmi K40 Gaming Edition. Recall that this new gaming smartphone could come to us with another name: in this article you will find more information. But thankfully, how does this function benefit the smartphone battery? Basically, by activating the feature while we play (we believe it is an option of the MIUI Game Mode), it will be possible limit charging when the charger is connected


miui limits the overheating of the battery

Unfortunately, the instructions on the operation of the feature are not present in the MIUI code, but we can hypothesize something. If now, by connecting the charging cable, the smartphone starts charging, in the future by activating the newly discovered function device will remain in a state of "fixed recharge". Basically the battery will not increase but will remain at the same level when we plugged in the cable.

Regardless of how it works, this novelty is very useful not only for the most hardcore gamers but also for mere mortals who nevertheless use the smartphone while recharging. By doing so the device with MIUI it will prevent the battery from overheating but at the same time discharging. We do not know if the functionality will also be extended to other devices other than Redmi K40 Gaming Edition, but it is plausible that it will be so.

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