MIUI Camera and Mi Home by Xiaomi: here are the latest news

After having talked about smartphones, let's talk a bit about software and in particular about two Xiaomi-branded applications. The first is certainly known to every smartphone owner of the Chinese brand because it concerns the stock camera app which is updated with a small feature, which emphasizes Lei Jun's OEM globalization. Without turning around too much, finally the MIUI development team introduced native support for the Google Lens service in the MIUI Camera, so from now on you will only need to open the camera interface and use the object detection system.

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To take advantage of the new Google Lens fetaure, simply click on the camera menu, to understand the 3 parallel lines at the top right and then click on the new Google Lens icon. It should be emphasized that at the moment the feature is not available for all Xiaomi devices but only for those who enjoy the MIUI Camera version 3.0. But without getting too crazy looking in your phone's settings, the models that support the Google Lens feature are the POCOPHONE F1, the Redmi S2 / Y2, the Redmi Note 7 series, the Mi 8 series and the Mi 9 series.

At the moment the release is only available with the latest Beta of the ROM specific for the models shown but in the coming weeks the update to the new functionality should also reach the rest of the Xiaomi smartphone stable.

MIUI Camera and Mi Home: here are the latest news

Another application well known by the various Mi Fans but also from many Apple users is We Home, mainly dedicated to the synchronization of all the domotic devices of the Chinese company. Even Mi Home is updated in the look, embracing a style very much in line with the 2.0 Material Design by Google. In particular the new Mi Home leads to version 5.0 and it is of course available for download via the Play Store if you haven't installed it on your smartphone yet.


The style and minimal design typical of Xiaomi products characterized by ease of use is maintained. As you can see from the photos above, the colors of the interface also change, adopting a greenish water color that gradually turns into white. A novelty, unfortunately dedicated only to the market of China and Taiwan, is the integration of an online store through which to buy the brand's home automation products, but then we have the Mi Stores and soon the online site should also expand the list of products that can be purchased.

What do you think of these news? What would you like to see implemented on Xiaomi's two companion apps?


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the Miui Camera with google lens is also present on the mi 8 miui stable.

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