MIUI: here are the TOP functions of the Chamber that will arrive shortly

It is no secret that the MIUI it is the most complete Android skin, although many of us will have to say about its stability. It's all true, but if we look at the features present on the Android customization he Xiaomi smartphone we will realize that there are many. Especially if we look at the MIUI Room, a constantly evolving application that will soon be updated with new features. He makes them known to us the Xiaomi.eu translator Kacper Skrzypek, as well as an insider and a more than reliable source of many Xiaomi news that are yet to arrive.

MIUI hides many surprises in the code, including new features that will arrive on the Camera app. Let's go see them all

Going to browse inside the MIUI code, the good Kacper Skrzypek has discovered some new features that will arrive soon on the MIUI Camera app. Recall that it is he who first found testimonies about the existence of a sensor from 200 megapixel on a Xiaomi. Just today we found out that it is the Xiaomi 12t pro. But having said that, what are the news of the MIUI Camera?

  • new light effects in the front camera: this string indicates that we will be able to choose one of the five types of illumination of our face, since the found function only affects the front camera. The available options will allow us to choose between blue, mauve, yellow, orange and (possibly) white. The light turns on when the shutter button is pressed. Given the different English translation, the author assumes that the feature may not be available for all markets
  • mirror: another of the functions found on MIUI is called "Compact mirror". To use this feature, we will have to look at the camera and double tap the screen. So the device it will enlarge our face and center it in the frame. Of course, the option will only work with one person in the frame. Many of you will think that it is useless given the presence of a selfie camera: it is not so. The mirror moves in the same direction that we look at our eyes and we can see ourselves as we do so
miui camera
  • Xiaomi ProCut: according to a translation on the MIUI Camera app, this seems to imply the use of intelligent cropping of photos taken at high resolution in order to improve its composition. It does not support photos that use the HEIF format. A translation from another MIUI application also indicates that no watermarks will be displayed on photos processed in this way. The author was able to determine which devices will support this option: devices codenamed ruby, rubypro and rubyplus, recently released Redmi K50 Ultra (diting) and its rebranding, Xiaomi 12T Pro (ditingp) which will be released in poco
  • teleprompter: as the device used by the television, it will allow scroll through the text previously saved while recording a movie with the camera of our smartphone (like the Star Wars recap at the beginning of each episode). It will also be possible to speed up or slow down the scrolling of our content, which can be imported from Word files (.doc, .docx) or from a text file. Obviously, the function only supports text; it will not be possible to import graphs or tables into it, for example. The text entered by us according to the MIUI code can be a maximum of 6000 characters

Now, in conclusion, it should be remembered that these are features that we have not yet had the opportunity to try. Likewise we are not sure of which devices (apart from those mentioned above) will enjoy these features. It is in fact possible that only the top of the range will have the right requirements. We will see what Xiaomi will give us. In the meantime, however, if you were the owners of Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro, we recommend ininstall Android 13 with MIUI 13 Global which debuted just recently.

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