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La MIUI it will become more and more complete even if the hopes of the users are related to the resolution of the bugs rather than the new features. But anyway, we cannot deny that Xiaomi's Android skin is lacking in content, even interesting. And in this regard we learned from a member of XDA Developers, who goes by the name of kacskrz, that Xiaomi is thinking of inserting an interesting one in MIUI function used to expand the RAM. Clearly we are talking about digital expansion. Let's see the details.

Xiaomi, on its MIUI, will introduce a function for RAM expansion: even Oppo uses it. Here's how it will work

Already Oppo some time ago he placed on his new series Reno 5 (in China) such a feature. At the moment, the information about the operation for Xiaomi's MIUI is not clear, but it seems that today it is there just one method to expand the RAM. Before seeing in detail how we can increase the memory of our device, let's see how the developer. He found clues about this news.

As we can see, inside the source code of the custom skin, kacskrz found evidence of the new feature. In fact, we read: "Memory extension". Now, how will it work? If its operation will be the same as that of Oppo, and we think so, the system it will use a portion of the device's internal storage to add it to the RAM currently present

. Clearly there are gods limits: only a small part of internal memory can be added and not all. We will not be able to add 128 GB of RAM, in a nutshell.

Here we see how the system gives the possibility to increase the RAM by 1 GB. It clearly says it has enough space available on the smartphone. We think the availability will have to be at least double that required, because if some of the storage will be used for RAM, the rest will continue to be used to store apps and data.

Anyone who understands a little about computers, this feature is present on the Windows platform. It is in fact possible to use a part of the hard disk and use it as temporary memory in case of heavier jobs.

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