MIUI will introduce the Sky Replacement feature that can change the sky in your photos

This first part of 2019 Xiaomi dedicated it to the presentation of some smartphones including those of the new Redmi brand, of which we await the launch of the flagship these days. Xiaomi will soon be available We are A3 could debut on the scene of international markets, but in parallel the software development team of the Chinese company, is reserving some goodies for the future MIUI 11, which could be the protagonist of an event entirely dedicated to the first phase of the summer.

We don't have certain dates, but thanks to the user XDA kackskrz, today we can tell you about an interesting novelty that once again could decree the MIUI one of the best Android interfaces present in circulation The XDA user has found traces of a new function in the current MIUI code, which will enrich the Gallery app.


MIUI will introduce the Sky Replacement feature that can change the sky in your photos

The function that the development team is about to release responds to the name of Sky Replacement, and as the name suggests, will allow change the sky within the photos present in the Gallery app. Several presets are offered, a sort of filters that will only act on the portion of the sky in the image, thanks to the support of the acknowledgment of the AI. Below you can find a small video which demonstrates the potential of the Sky Replacement function, which we will remember will be the pride of MIUI 11 but which should be available also on MIUI 10.

From the video we can admire how integrated presets also add general lighting effects to improve the final result of the photo, making it more homogeneous with the newly modified sky. You can also calibrate the intensity of the effect to be applied to the photo, a bit like with the current Instagram filters. In short, once again the MIUI development team produces a function that will certainly capture the lovers of the mobile photos integrating one of the best native editors. And what do you think?

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