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MIUI V6 Express / Lite 2.0, MIUI style graphics for everyone

For those who want to try the graphics of the MIUI V6, perhaps waiting to buy a Xiaomi smartphone or waiting for the port of this ROM to other devices, here is the MIUI V6 Express / Lite 2.0, an apk that can be installed on any Android device to try the graphics MIUI-style.

The small .apk file (executable file for Android) weighs just 19MB, and brings with it several graphic customizations. By installing this application on any smartphone with Android 4.0 or higher, you will have the MIUI V6 launcher, as well as other interesting customizations such as the numeric keypad.

MIUI V6 Express

The operation of the application is similar to that of other lauchers, such as Nova or Apex, but also offers customization of the messaging and some cloud functions of Xiaomi. Do you like this application to make the interface of your devices MIUI-style? Will you install it?

[Download and details - MIUI Forum]

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